You will need
  • a small measuring device (spoon, stack, Cup);
  • Bank or a disposable plastic Cup;
  • marker;
  • - a bowl.
Carefully read the information provided on the package with the food. Sometimes the packaging indicates not only the weight but also the amount of recommended daily servings. For example, 40 grams or ½ Cup (ie 125 ml).
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Many feed manufacturers produce special measuring cups that accurately measure the required amount of pellets. Typically, these measurements are attached to large packages of feed (10-25 kg), in addition, they can be free to obtain in large pet stores and veterinary pharmacies. Just ask the seller if they have available measuring cups for the brand of feedyou use.
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In many pet stores pet food sold in bulk. Ask the seller to accurately measure the daily dose and pack it in separate package. House pour granules into a small jar and make a mark with marker at the correct height – this will allow you to measure out exactly the amount of feedthat is needed. It is possible to use a disposable plastic Cup and cut it at the height of the label.
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You can also calculate the daily dose of feed, based on total volume of feed in the package. For example, if you buy food in packages of 400 grams, and the animal is necessary to give 50 grams of feed – you can either divide the contents of the packet into 8 oz portions and measure the volume of one of them. The second option is to take a small volumetric capacity (depending on granule size and weight daily serving of it can be tea or table spoon, stack, coffee Cup, Cup) and some food from the pack, gradually pour it into the bowl, counting the "measuring units" you did it. This will calculate how many grams of feed placed in the container.
If you transfer an animal from one feed to another measurement have to be repeated, because the ratio of weight of feed and its amount depends on many parameters, including grain size and shape, density, feed , etc. for Example, a standard glass with a volume of 250 ml is placed about 75 grams of feed for dogs of large breeds, about 100 – for small dogs, about 120 for kittens.