Spend deworming only after consulting a veterinarian, as it assess the condition of dogs, may prescribe a specific dosage.
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In that case, if you just got the puppy, you should understand that you must give him a vermifuge drug. This is done usually at the age of one to two months.
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The dosage depends on the vermifuge, as well as the health of the pet. For example, if you found the dog worms (with feces or vomit), you should understand that the trip to the vet can not do. It is the doctor must determine the type of worms, to know the degree of contamination of the animal, and already on this basis to make the conclusion.
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Let's antihelminthic drugs three hours before feeding or two hours after after. In some cases, two weeks later, the drug need to give again.
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The dosage of the drug depends on the drug. For example, if you spend deworming of pet drug "Cancancel Plus", then define a dosage based on body weight – per 10 kg let one tablet. Protivoglistnoe means "Pyrantel" should be given only if the puppy is less than a month, the dose is in the range of 20-30mg per kg of live weight.
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After the dog was injected, after 40 minutes, give your pet 3 ml of sunflower oil (per kg live weight). This is done so that medicine is best learned.
If you do not observe the pet, the infestation of the body by worms, to conduct deworming is still necessary, since the parasites can not be felt. Two times a year to carry out a survey of dogs in the veterinary clinic.