If you experience diarrhea, immediately stop feeding the puppy. It is strictly forbidden to give the kids the milk. Give your puppy activated charcoal and observe him for some time. Ensure that the puppy is drinking a lot of water. Usually with mild diarrhea animals recover quickly.
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If diarrhea puppy strong - urgently isolate him from the other puppies, because there is a likelihood that the diarrhea is caused by infection.

Immediately remove all selection puppy - they can be a source of spread of the disease. Regularly inspect bedding baby. If the litter is dirty - change it.

Inspect the stool of the puppy. If there is feces in mucus or blood, or you feel a strange smell - it is necessary to immediately carry the baby to the vet. These symptoms may indicate a serious infectious disease. On how quickly you start treating the puppy depends on his life.
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One of the biggest dangers in acute diarrhea is dehydration. It should be remembered that from dehydration a puppy can die very quickly - within days. This is especially true for puppies of small breeds. If you notice that the puppy does not drink for a long time and began to lose weight, you need to immediately take him to a specialized clinic. There he will prescribe appropriate treatment and infusion therapy.

If, for whatever reason, to take the kid to the doctor you do not - try to get a line on their own. You can purchase at your local pharmacy saline solution for IVS. Attach the dropper on the tripod. The role of the tripod can be, for example, MOP, tied for reliability to the back of the chair. If you do not know how to do intravenous injections - no need to experiment. Insert the needle subcutaneously, pleated on the shoulder of the baby. Adjust the feed rate of the liquid.

Do not give the puppy forcibly, as this may trigger vomiting. Wet puppy mouth with water to avoid drying out the skin.
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After cessation of diarrhea is recommended for 1-2 days to keep the puppy on a sparing diet. Feed the puppy slowly, in small portions. Remember that all food must be light and gentle. Stick to the recommendations a veterinarian. Avoid giving puppies milk products for at least another day after normalization of stool.
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