First degelmintizatsiju puppy spend at the age of six weeks until the worms have not had time to lay eggs or larvae that are moving through the body are in the intestines of the puppy and of these newly hatched parasites. It is very important to prevent this process in girls, because to get rid of the worms embedded in tissue of the uterus, is unlikely.
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You have to constantly carry out prevention of worms in puppies and adult dogs, because the risk of infection exists during walks and in the process of communication with other dogs. Some types of worms are transmitted from flea bites. Therefore, the procedure of degelmintizatsii suggests that you save a puppy from fleas.
Do not use folk remedies. Better use of veterinary medicines. They apply quickly, painlessly and efficiently, do not harm the body of the puppy. And they are inexpensive. Refer to the specialist vet. He will prescribe appropriate medications based on the age and weight of the dog. Follow the dosage must be strictly.
препараты от глистоов для щенков чихуа
In any case, you better consult with a veterinarian before buy veterinary pharmacy drugs from worms for my puppy. They are available in tablet form and suspese that have no unpleasant smell and puppy to give them with food. Most likely, you'll need to divide the pill into several parts, because the weight of the dog still small. Try to do it as accurately as possible. The tablet can be placed in a piece of meat. Always check that the puppy ate it and did not spit out.
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After a couple of days when the dog starts to go dead worms, wash the floors in the flat water with bleach, disinfectant compositions treat floor coverings and upholstered furniture, spot puppy. Repeat treatment in 10 days and repeat it once a quarter.