The greatest danger to the health and life of your pet represent infectious diseases, and the only means of prevention are immunizations. Animals do vaccination against distemper, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, infectious hepatitis, parvovirus enteritis and rabies.
как сделать приввивку сабаки
The first vaccination puppies do, as a rule, at the age of two months. After 21 days the puppies are vaccinated again with the same vaccine. The third vaccine, the puppy should be put in six to seven months after the change of teeth (when the teeth change, the immune system is weakened Yorkies).
прививки надо делать собаке ежегодно
For ten to fourteen days before inoculation York need to get rid of worms. If the first vaccination, deworming is given twice: the first time is a two-week break, then the medication is given again, waits the required ten to fourteen days, and only after the puppy gets vaccinated.
делать прививку от бешенства для собак
Vaccinations should be done in a veterinary clinic where not only you will supply the vaccine, but will make the necessary stamps in my passport. If your dog is afraid of hospitals, you can invite a doctor to the house, where in a relaxed atmosphere your York will get the cure. Before you sign up for the vaccine, read the reviews about the clinic, make sure they have all the necessary certificates confirming high qualifications of the staff. Specify who the provider of the vaccine, and also the conditions in which it is stored. As a result of violations of storage conditions, the vaccine may simply cease to function.
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Before going to the veterinarian, make sure your York feels good: he's got a great appetite, he plays, and sports. Measure the animal temperature or ask the doctor in the veterinary clinic to do it.
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Then you will need to repeat the vaccination every year. Don't forget to take the dog vaccinated from infectious diseases, and rabies. These precautions will help your Yorkshire Terrier to live a long and happy life.