Spend adult animal regular deworming at least twice a year. Don't forget that to chase the worms also need before any grafting, but not earlier than 10 - 14 days before. Otherwise your pet may get serious complications.
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Before the expulsion of the worms, make sure that the cat or indoors, no fleas, which are carriers of certain types of worms. If you have a home with more than one pet, let us deworming medication to all Pets at the same time.
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Now there are many medicines to eliminate helminths, among them Diropen, Febtal, Drontal, Panacur, Cystal – cat. Buy drugs to treat their animals only in specialty pet stores, avoiding stalls and markets where you sell a fake.
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Seek help from a competent specialist who will help to choose the right course of treatment for the animal and will tell you how to help him recover. Banishing the worms with medication, strictly follow the rules specified in the instructions and do not exceed the specified dosage.
To give a cat medication, wrap it in a towel, as it is likely to become a protest against this procedure. Do not try to give medicine with a spoon, it is better to take a syringe without the needle. So you can measure out the exact dose of medication and gradually introduce it to your pet.
Gently talking to the cat, put a hand over his head and place the thumb and index finger behind the fangs. Pressure in these areas and the animal will open his mouth. Enter the tip of the syringe into the corner of the mouth and inject the medication. Allow cat to close mouth. Turn his nose to the ceiling and stroke in the throat, so he swallowed the medicine.
Practice shows that a single giving the drug enough. The fact that the only anthelmintic destroy adult parasites and their eggs is by being persistent, after deworming remain in the body. Therefore, when the established fact of worm infestation you need to spend double processing with an interval of 10 days. It was at this point the eggs appear immature individuals, unable even to delay her own eggs.
Giving the drug, place the pet in a limited space, and leave it there for up to three days. So you will be able to collect and destroy bred parasites and prevent their spread in the surrounding areas.