You will need
  • - dainty;
  • - tin;
  • - buttons or cereals;
  • - dog repeller.
Surely some compassionate residents feeds a stray dog, once she decided to settle in your yard. Talk to this person and ask them to stop feeding. If you explain that the dog is showing aggression to passers-by, no one will accuse you of cruelty. The animal, realizing that he doesn't fall to tidbits, and leave to look for another place.
прогнать глистов у собаки во время беременности
Dogs dwell there, where they have a good food supply. If some nice man lured dog into your yard, act the same way. Perhaps nearby there's an abandoned building or a vacant lot where the animal will not be anyone to interfere. Using food luring a stray dog to a new place of residence. She will remain there and will not interfere with anyone.
как прогнать кошек с крыши
Often cowardly pooch. This dog will run away, frightened by loud sounds. Prepare some "sumalak" - pour in the tin of cereals or buttons. Go outside, menacingly prekretnica on the animal and use your rattle, creating so much noise. Dog, tail between his legs, retires. If required, this scare has to be repeated several times.
защититься от бродячих собак
There are special repellents dogs. The essence of this device is that when turning on it starts to emit sounds at a frequency that is inaudible to man, but is perceived as sensitive a dog's ear. These animals unpleasant sounds, and they don't come to their source. There are repellents with different radii of action, and you can pick up a device that will banish the dog from your territory.
защититься от собаки
Please see the forum "Dog and cat" or in another volunteer organization operating in your city. Maybe the dog will take the animal lovers (over a certain amount or for free), and then rubbed her to a shelter or taking on overexposure.
как сдать сессию по матем в техникуме???