You will need
  • - suspension "Prazitsid"
  • - drugs worming for kittens and puppies
The main danger of worms to Guinea pigs – quick multiplying and spreading throughout the body. This type exists only at the expense of nutrients, which in excess is not eliminated complete dehydration and exhaustion of the animal.
The appearance of worms in Guinea pigs is accompanied, as a rule, a change in behavior and appetite. The main symptom of this disease is the presence of larvae and embryos in the feces of the animal. In the early stages of the disease, such changes may be subtle, however, prevention is better to regularly pass stool Guinea pigs to carry out the relevant tests.
To get rid of worms in Guinea pigs is possible only with the help of special medications. To experiment or engage in unchecked self in this situation, you'd better not. Worms are parasites that initially appear in the pet's intestine, and then "gnawing" in the literal sense its walls, moves into the blood. Such a active life to cause suffering mumps and harm to her health.
Prevent the appearance of worms in Guinea pigs should definitely spend one or two times a year. The use of specific preparations which are commercially available in specialized stores for animals. The most common remedy for any kind of worms is the suspension "Prazitsid". To use this drug should be in strict accordance with the instructions.
Organisms of Guinea pigs have individual characteristics. That is why when choosing a method of treatment of worms, you should always consult with a specialist. In some cases veterinarians prescribe a comprehensive treatment with special drugs that are introduced into the animal body in the form of injections.
Often, specialists prescribe drugs for the treatment of worms in Guinea pigs intended for other animals. For example, kittens or puppies. Such means to choose not to be. A wrong dosage can be a fatal mistake of the owner of a furry pet.
Causes worms can be various factors – contact with infected animals, poor immunity, regular consumption of undercooked and contaminated food. Guinea pigs easy to take care of, but to monitor the cleanliness of their food and housing should be very carefully.
When infected with worms Guinea pig is necessary not only veterinary care, but also proper care from their owner. The animal must be fed only high-quality and well-washed food. Be sure to provide the pig a necessary amount of liquid. The water in the troughs should be changed as often as possible.