First check with the existing office procedures medical screening for referral of employees to treatment according to the permits of the interior Ministry.
Consult your doctor medical institutions of system of the Ministry of interior to determine the need of Spa treatment and receive from him the relevant documentation. In case of absence at the place of service of the above companies, provide a reference for obtaining the permit issued by a doctor in the public health system.
Refer to your city administration on the allocation of funds for the purchase of tickets, as payment for the honey. assistance and sanatorium-resort support of police officers and their families is carried out by means of special budgets, from funds which are funded by interior Ministry units.
Make sure that you have completed a doctor of the sanatorium-resort card and read the rules of admission of patients in the sanatorium of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Remember that children from four to eighteen years old stay with you, so make sure that when they and you have had all the necessary documents: voucher, passport, birth certificate, Spa card. Also children should be reference on the state of health, a certificate of a physician epidemiologist about the absence of child's contact with patients who had infectious diseases.
Upon returning from recovery, be sure to return to a medical facility ATC coupons to vouchers, and / or family members (children), which was revitalized with you.