If you want to get in the resort for free, first you need to consult a doctor at the place of residence. The doctor will assess your need for such treatment, and also will tell you what is necessary in order to get to the resort.
Today on free SANATORNO-resort treatment can expect with disabilities, and people with diseases that are included in a special list approved by the RF Government. The list is quite extensive: it includes surgery, heart attacks, strokes, diseases of pregnant risk and others. More accurate information you give the doctor.
The permit can also be obtained in the presence of medical indications. To do this you must ask the doctor to give direction to the hospital, where you will conduct all the necessary tests and then, if necessary, give direction on sanatorium-resort therapy. It should be remembered that such treatment would be possible if the organization that you work for deducts all the necessary social taxes.
Also in the resort you can relax for a fee. It is necessary to choose the resort, and learn what you need to pay treatment. Usually you just need to book the date of your arrival, and the treatment you will prescribe the sanatorium doctor. If you have some disease, you must consult with your doctor and collect all necessary tests and findings on your condition.
Remember that there are diseases in which sanatorium treatment is contraindicated. These include all diseases in the acute stage, chronic diseases in acute disease, complicated by acute purulent processes, all sharp and infectious diseases, venereal diseases in acute or infectious form, blood diseases in acute period and period of exacerbation, cachexia, malignancy and others. More accurate information about contraindications, contact your doctor.