Advice 1: What privileges have veterans of the interior Ministry

On the basis of article 1 of the Federal law "On veterans", the Russian veterans divided into the following categories: veteran of world war II and the fighting in the area, veterans of military and public service. The title of veteran is awarded for special merits before Fatherland committed during many years of diligent labor in his post.
What privileges have veterans of the interior Ministry
Employees of the interior Ministry, with years of service and marked with insignia, are veterans of the civil services according to article 6 of the Federal law "On veterans" and are entitled to lifetime support and the care of the state. In respect of citizens, designed a whole system of benefits and allowances. Moreover, in addition to concrete tangible benefits, also provides measures of intangible support, for example: the creation of the Council of veterans, propaganda through the media of respect for veterans.
Social protection measures (article 13) provide for the payment of pensions and allowances, the monthly payments on time working past retirement, providing housing and benefits for its maintenance, the benefits to utilities. The point of the Law providing for it was repealed in 2008, according to a new legislative act N 122-FZ. When you duplicate a form of welfare, except in special cases, selecting a single reason for payment remains with the veteran.
Privileges of veterans of internal Affairs listed in parts of the law "About social guarantees to employees of internal Affairs bodies of the Russian Federation". Calculation of pensions is made (1.01.2012), taking account of the salary at the last position, rank, years of service (50% surcharge for the first 20 years of service and 3% for each subsequent) with the use of the aggregate amount of the regional coefficient. Since 2013, recalculated (subject to the annual allowance (2%), inflation (less than 2%), increase in wages (2,05%)), which amounted to 7.5% of the allowances.
Senior interior Ministry (1.01.2012) have the right to redeem vouchers in the departmental health institutions 25% and his family member (wife or minor child) for 50% of the total amount and full payment (within RF) for both (except for specified categories of employees: violators of labor discipline, etc., and also emergency workers and other agencies).
Retirees with seniority of more than 20 calendar years, still have the right to compensation of the property tax, but have no benefits (including 50%) if you pay the utilities, phone, living space and land tax.
The force remains entitled to receive an annual allowance for minor children (for pensioners).
Families receiving payments under the survivor benefit the deceased, upon execution, have the right to benefit children's health and social security as a partial payment when you pay landlines, utilities and housing. Desperately need non-working pensioners (and families that lost breadwinner) have the right to file a petition in the district about the allocation of additional financial assistance.
A copy of the death certificate and the reference form 33 gives the family of the deceased entitled to compensation of funeral costs and travel to the place of burial.

Advice 2: What are the benefits of pensioners

In Russia, there are many benefits available to various categories of citizens, whether disabled, war veterans or the military. One of these categories, entitled to benefits, include the retirees.
What are the benefits of pensioners

Not enough at all

Despite the fact that the minimum pension has reached a living wage, to live on it very hard and almost impossible, because only on payment of utilities leaves about half of the pension, and the tax has not going to cancel. But with regard to utilities, their payments can be reduced by obtaining the subsidy. And how about the constantly rising prices? In this case, you should know about the possible public benefits for seniors. However, when a large and varied number of benefits the law of large special discounts usual pensioner will receive from the state. To take advantage of benefits only in exacting order. And consider the fact that the size required for the population benefits mostly exceed the allocated amount in the budget of the state for their repayment.
That is why often there are situations in which people are legally eligible for benefits, years can't get them.

Types of benefits

Benefits for seniors on property taxes. In this article of the law stated that pensioners do not pay taxes laid on the premises, constructions, structure. Under this paragraph, a pensioner who owns their own residential or non-residential premises (apartment, cottage, garage, house), do not pay property tax, regardless of the number of the available facilities.
To receive this benefit must apply at the location of the premises in the Department of the tax service with the statement for benefit of estate.

Exemptions on land tax for pensioners. Land tax is a local tax, since the tax code the number of persons granted the privileges of ordinary people. However, there is a permission code to grant tax exemptions to some segments of the population. Therefore, to obtain the privileges for payment of the tax on the land plot of pensioner should contact the local authorities at the location of the site.

Reduce expenses for utilities and housing. Housing subsidy is provided to citizens with accounts for payment of utility services, more than 22% of their total family income. The main condition for subsidies is the absence of debts on housing and communal services. To apply for the subsidies necessary to the Department of social protection at the place of residence.

Benefits from local and regional authorities. Such benefits include the benefits of transport tax for public transport. It is also possible surcharges for medicines and food.

Advice 3: What benefits have veteran labor

In Russia there are some preferential categories of citizens. It is the veterans of the great Patriotic war, homefront workers, prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, veterans of special risk units, veterans of labor and others. For each category have their own benefits.

Who can receive the title of "Veteran of labour"

Benefits to veterans of labour are in accordance with the law "On veterans". To obtain this rank, you need a certain experience. If, for example, a man worked for 25 years, and the woman is 20, the title can be awarded subject to additional conditions. Such conditions can be state awards, which are awarded for high achievements in labor, departmental awards and honorary titles given by the governments of the Russian Federation, the USSR, the RSFSR and other Soviet republics. Those who began his career during the great Patriotic war and worked for respectively 40 and 35 years, the title of "Veteran of labor" can obtain just the statement submitted to the Committee of social protection of the population.

A free replacement

The title of "Veteran of labour" is given, not only seniors. But some benefits a person can only use after he retires. This, for example, a discount for the free manufacture of dentures and their repairs. But to repair dentures is not available in every clinic, and only one with which the municipality concluded a contract. As a rule, dental clinic or office at the place of residence. Labour veteran has a right to free provision of hearing AIDS. This benefit is also provided at the place of residence.

Benefits of transportation

Honorary title "Veteran of labor" gives the right to a reduced fare in public transport. Since labor veterans apply to Federal beneficiaries, to ride free in public transport, they can in any Russian city. Working the veteran of work has the right to paid annual leave at a convenient time, and for additional leave of 30 days without pay. The labour veteran is entitled to free travel by all kinds of public transport. The exception is taxis, which benefits may not apply. Because the Federal privilege, it applies to all settlements of Russia. Furthermore, the veteran of work can ride free on commuter road and rail transport. The receipt of transportation benefits does not depend on the region in which the veteran lives. If there are seasonal tariffs for water and commuter rail transport, awarded the pays 50%.

Benefits for housing

Significant benefit is provided and for housing. Labor veteran receives compensation in the amount of 50% for housing and utilities. Note that the cost kompensiruet only if there is no debt on utility bills. If the veteran lives in a communal apartment, compensation is granted on payment of a residential area within social norms. The veteran of work has the right to privileges on payment of the radio receiving antenna of television and the collective. No matter a veteran lives in a privatized apartment, the municipal to the social conditions of employment or departmental.

Regional benefits

In some regions, labour veterans are offered additional benefits. For example, in Moscow this category of citizens are paid monthly allowances from the city budget, as well as free travel on suburban railway transport. In St. Petersburg the owner of this honorary title may purchase a discounted travel ticket for use of all types of land passenger transport and the same ticket on the metro. In some regions there is a similar honorary titles such as "Veteran of labour of the Leningrad region". Benefits for this category of citizens established by the government of the region.

Advice 4: What are the benefits of MES

Benefits and compensation of employees of the MOE are provided in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The list of benefits and compensation includes housing, medical, SANATORNO-resort treatment and maintenance, annual free travel to the place of treatment, provision of uniforms.
What are the benefits of MES

Benefits and compensation

In the order determined by the legislation of the Russian Federation, employees have the right to receive free medical care in departmental medical institutions and the free provision of drugs on prescription. In the absence of the medical institution at the place of service or in urgent cases, assistance is in state or municipal institutions. The bodies of the Ministry of emergency situations, compensate the expenses for the assistance provided under contract with the medical facility.

Mothers and pregnant women who are employees of the Agency and fathers who have to raise children without a mother in the event of her death, deprivation of parental rights and other circumstances stipulated by law are entitled to all benefits in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

However, employees and members of their families can exercise the right on SANATORNO-resort treatment, rest in sanatoriums, to undergo preventive measures in the centers for restorative medicine and rehabilitation, as well as the tourist centers of the interior Ministry of Russia. In addition, every year employees and members of their families receive monetary compensation, regardless of the purchase vouchers. Fee for employees and their families is currently implementing in the amount prescribed by laws and normative acts of the Russian Federation. For children payments are made on every child from birth until they have fulfilled the age of eighteen.

Compensation and benefits are provided for recreation of school-age children and their recovery. When using in the service purposes the personal transport. For persons serving in the Siberian Federal district the Urals, the far East, in the far North, payment of annual travel to and from an employee's vacation, and every two years the member of his family.

Another benefit of the acquisition of housing for emergency workers. Soldier with seniority over ten years which entered into housing cooperatives or individual engaged in the construction of houses, should provide the financial aid at the place of service in the amount of 75 percent of the cost of cooperative housing or a loan from the Bank. Significantly increased the amounts of insurance payments to employees in case they obtain in the performance of official duties of injury and disability, and family members - compensation upon death of a soldier.

Extra benefits

In addition to the basic benefits, the Agency can establish additional social benefits and guarantees, depending on the conditions of work and service. Certain types of social guarantees and compensations are stipulated in the collective agreement taking into account the financial capabilities of the organization and local conditions. These include financial incentives in the retirement of civil servants and employees who have special merits before the organization of the system of EMERCOM of Russia.

Advice 5: What benefits are available to disabled 2 groups

Group of disability is assigned to the patient according to the results of the survey in Bureau mediko-social examination. People with disabilities entitled to various measures of social support provided by the state. Benefits are provided for the entire period of disability until the next examination. To apply for the provisions required payments to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and regional social security authority.
What benefits are available to disabled 2 groups
You will need
  • reference Bureau of the ITU of the assignment of II group of disability;
  • - the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • - the policy of obligatory medical insurance;
  • - the pension certificate;
  • - other documents on demand of bodies of social protection.
Invalids of the second group have the right to cash benefit, which consists of pension charges for disability and monthly monetary payments (EDV). The amount of the pension is determined by the state for each disability group. It can be increased depending on the number of dependents, for example young children, under the care of a person with disabilities. The revision of the minimum pension payments and allowances to disabled persons of all groups is performed only by the decision of the Federal authorities.
Monthly payments from 2005 set the disabled of the second group instead of some of the concessions offered previously in its natural form. The size EDV is calculated in accordance with Federal regulations in effect at the time of treatment of the disabled person for payment.
The beneficiaries of the second group have the right to receive social services - "social package". It includes: provision of medicines, rehabilitation of health in sanatoria and health resorts, free transportation to the place of treatment and back long-distance and suburban transport.
Disabled given the right to choose the type of benefits: natural form or cash equivalent. If a person wants to receive the money, according to his personal statement to the Department Pension Fund, this amount is added to the EDV. You can use a combined scheme. In this case, money is replaced by part of the benefits package. For example, the disabled person has decided to obtain medications for free, and the benefits for sanatorium-resort treatment and travel costs to replace cash compensation.
It is extremely important for people with disabilities are incentives for individual rehabilitation. These measures of social support provided to persons with disabilities on two fronts: from the Federal budget and regional target programs. On favorable terms can be obtained: wheelchair, prosthesis, hearing AIDS, orthopaedic shoes, bandages, etc.
People with disabilities are entitled to social services. In the list of services provided by a social worker, most often included the following: home care for a single disabled person, assistance in obtaining patients medical, legal, social services, assistance in leisure activities, vocational training, employment, etc. Social services are provided at the request of the disabled person and can be free and partly paid. Free services are social security beneficiaries whose incomes are below the regional subsistence minimum.
For owners of the second group of disability the state provides benefits in the educational sphere. To a greater extent they will be useful for young people with disabilities, seeking to realize yourself in any profession. The production of a certificate from the Bureau of the ITU is disabled out of the competition, enrolled in the University or College for free. Prerequisite is only the successful passing of entrance examinations. During the training period the disabled stipend will be paid regardless of the level of achievement.
Employers must establish an employee having second-degree disability, shortened work week (35 hours) and maintain full salary. To attract patients to overtime work only in the absence of medical contraindications and with the written consent of the disabled person.
Housing benefits for owners of the second group include a discount for payment of state or municipal residential premises in the amount of 50% to utilities in any residential Fund in the amount of 50%. If certain chronic diseases (as approved by the Government of the Russian Federation to the list) with disability must be provided with housing on favorable terms.
Benefits you can use when paying personal income tax, transport, land and property taxes. In some cases persons with disabilities are fully exempt from payment of state fees and partially from payment of notarial services.
To see a complete list and the size of the Federal and regional benefits in force at the place of residence of the disabled person in regional, city or district the body of social protection of the population.

Advice 6: What are the benefits to disabled groups

One of the most common issues people are having first, second, or third group of disability is a question of the privileges granted to them by the Russian legislation. Net list of benefits depends on a person's disability group: the higher it is, the more benefits he receives.
What are the benefits to disabled groups
If you are an invalid of the first group, know that you are eligible for a 50% discount on payment for public utility services such as gas, water, electricity and heating, as well as 50% discount for payment home phone and medicines prescribed by a doctor and included in the list of preferential medicines. 50% discount is also provided for travel by rail or by air during the "autumn-spring".
In addition, you get free travel on any form of urban and suburban transport, mandatory leave equal to 30 calendar days leave without pay of 60 calendar days and a free Spa treatment once a year.
The list of benefits granted to invalids of the first group are a reduction of the working day or working week and a ban on involvement in night work, overtime without their prior consent. Released disabled of the first group and from the payment of land tax.
If you have a second group of disability, you are entitled to the same benefits as for disabled of the first group. In addition to these, you are partially exempt from the payment of taxes associated with ownership of vehicles and real estate.
People with the third group of disability provided a lower level of benefits compared to disabled first and second groups. In the list of benefits includes: free travel on public transport (except taxi), 50% discount on travel by rail during the "autumn-spring", free Spa treatment, 1 time in 2 years.
Invalids of the third group can claim on compulsory leave of 26 calendar days, and leave without pay with a duration of 30 calendar days. With the consent of the management of the organization, a third group disabled may work part-time or part-time. The salary will be Pro rata to time. In the list of benefits for people includes the prohibition of forcible engaging them in night or overtime work.
Persons with disabilities and the first, second, and third groups are eligible for monthly cash benefits, the amount of which does not depend on their seniority and the circumstances under which was the injury or illness leading to disability.

Advice 7: What are the benefits from gold medalists

Even twenty years ago, the gold medal "For special successes in the doctrine" was a kind of admission in the University. The graduates-medalists of it was enough to pass one core exam on excellent to become students. But gradually the privileges received "gold" and "silver" medals for admission to universities decreased, while in 2009 they are not abolished altogether.
What are the benefits from gold medalists

In Soviet times, to a gold or silver medal for excellent study was difficult and very prestigious. For graduates-medalists provided a number of benefits for admission to the University.

In 2009, the Minister of education and science Andrei Fursenko announced changes to the rules of admission to universities for the medalists. Privileges for entering higher educational institutions standouts were eliminated. Now the medalists are doing in institutes and universities on a common basis.

Associated this change with the widespread introduction of schools in the exam in 2009. Now there was no sense enrolling in universities gold medalists in the special conditions. Were the main results of the unified state examination, the higher they are, the higher the chance of admission to the selected University.

Gold medalists and winners of all-Russian competitions may submit the certificate of gold medal or certificate of victory in the Olympics only in one higher educational institution in the other four universities they serve copies of the certificate of the exam and come back on a General basis. But especially worry the winners of the Olympiads is not: their testimony of winning is equal to 100 points received on the exam, and practically guarantees admission to selected relevant University.

However, gold medalists have some advantages today. Under the new rules, is credited to the University an applicant with a gold medal at equal quantity of points with other contenders.

In addition, the company Aeroflot provides incentives to gold medalists from remote regions of the Russian Federation who enter the universities of Moscow. Aeroflot provides them with discounts of 50% payment of tickets for flights from place of residence to Moscow. This exemption applies to graduates of Kamchatka, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Omsk, Chita, Perm and Sverdlovsk regions, as well as on gold medal of Khabarovsk and Primorye territories.

Advice 8: What are the benefits to enroll in the University silver medalists

Admission to the University – the process is troublesome, and not always possible to get to the initially desired direction. However, a great advantage for the entrant is the availability of not only high scores for the exam, but gold or silver coin.
What are the benefits to enroll in the University silver medalists

The silver medal is not always a determining factor in obtaining any benefits to enroll in higher education. But if you also passed the Unified state exam for high scores, the probability of this is greatly increased. In addition, in combination are taken into account and various certificates received for prize-winning places at the Olympics and other major events and competitions. Only in such cases, applicants can expect to receive benefits and the successful completion of the qualifying competition.

First we need to decide what universities you want to apply, and to decide what direction and form of learning suits most. If you have a silver medal, it makes sense to participate in the competition for budget places. For admission to the University on the budgetary form of training the student will receive completely free education and a monthly stipend.

Find out which universities in your city or region have a budget, how to apply, and as will be the qualifying competition. Typically, most agencies require the personal presence of the student for the written statement. In the presence of silver medals must independently come to the University to fill the application form for admission, submit documents about complete secondary education and to show the members of the Commission all of the existing achievements, including the medal.

Watch how is the competition on the official website of the University. Of course, students with a gold medal, as well as social benefit recipients can take a higher position, but silver medalists usually are at a good place. Remember that coming into wwhy have the right to apply to five different institutions. This increases the chances of successful completion of the selection at budget places.

Advice 9: What benefits might undo Russian Railways

Today pupils and students during the school year can ride on the trains with 50% discount, which allows them well to save. These benefits are financed by the state, from January 1, 2013 payment may be cancelled.
What benefits might undo Russian Railways

In August 2012 on the website of the Ministry of Finance was placed draft budget policy guidelines for 2013-2015. The government plans to abandon support for preferential journey of students in suburban and long-distance in the General and couchette cars. This is not spoken, but proposes measures "to reduce the budget allocations for compensation of losses in incomes of the organization of railway transport".

The representative of the press service of Russian Railways Gennady Verkhovykh said that the Railways are alarmed by the situation and considers it necessary to preserve the benefits for students of internal form of training. However, to Fund benefits at their own expense, Railways does not consider it possible.

Of course we are talking about big money, but the Railways cannot be called modest organization. Being in the position of a monopolist, Russian Railways itself establishes the fares and receives huge profits. At the same time citizens pay taxes and may rely on the care of the state about such socially unprotected layers of society, as students and schoolchildren. What the outcome of the dispute between the monopoly and the Ministry of Finance, will show time.

Previously the first person in the country stated that the problem of accommodation for students, you need to decide only at the end of 2011, President Dmitry Medvedev urged regional authorities to meet the students. Before the election have been granted privileges students from some of the regions in which previously they were not, there was a 50% discount on travel on the upper shelves, not only during the school year and during summer and winter vacations.

Delivered today the question of the abolition of benefits for travel negates even these small achievements. First and foremost, the abolition of the special rates will hurt families with modest incomes. Many will be forced to abandon education in another city, there will be social tensions in society.

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