This is a great opportunity for the child to rest next to her mother. As a result, the child communicates with peers, participate in fun contests and games, strengthens the immune system and in addition developing. And his mother, watching his health and development, and correcting your health. The child strengthens the immune system, as a result, he is less sick, and his mother works more fruitfully, going without sick leave to care for a child. Treatment package "Mother and child" is appointed in accordance with the diagnosis listed in the health resort map.
The permit "Mother and child" is free. The issuance of permits involved in the management of social support of the population of cities and districts of the region. They are intended primarily for children in difficult life situation (including for children whose families maleability for children-orphans, children left without parental care, disabled children) and one family member accompanying the child.
It is necessary to collect documents ( and copies of documents) to get free tickets:
Help received from local pediatrician, about the need of sanatorium-resort treatment;
- Copy of birth certificate of the child, or his passport if the child was 14 years old, (passport);
- Copy of medical insurance of the child;
- Copy of the insurance certificate of State pension insurance (SNILS;
- Statement of consent for personal data processing that is completed by the parent.
You should contact the Department of social support of the population by place of residence and to bring the application, which is filled in the approved form, and in addition a package of documents, including those which confirm the status of low-income families.
After all done, you get registered to obtain the permit in Management of social support of the population.