Study the text of the order of the Ministry of social development 27 January 2006 n 44 "About the aftercare (rehabilitation) of patients in the hospital". It is said that every pregnant woman is at risk of running on any enterprise of the Russian Federation, which lists in the prescribed manner, contributions to the social insurance Fund (SIF) and having the pregnancy from 12 to 32 a week, is entitled to receive a free ticket to the sanatorium.
Consult your doctor-the gynecologist in female consultation if you have any of the following diseases: uterine fibroids without signs of eating disorders fibroids, malformations of the uterus, underweight, infertility or the presence of fetal malnutrition in anamnesis, anemia outside the acute stage, diseases of internal organs, miscarriage or hormonal disorders, neurocirculatory dystonia. The doctor will prescribe you the direction to the hospital for treatment.
Right after you got to the hospital, notify the head of the Department or the attending physician plans to continue treatment in a sanatorium. In the Spa facility you'll be able to get only after 2 weeks after hospitalization.
Call for work in the personnel Department. Ask them to prepare a certificate that you are an employee of this organization. Contact the accounting Department and request from them a certificate stating that your company pays contributions to the social insurance Fund. Give these 2 a help your doctor.
Take your doctor concludes that you are shown to a rehabilitation sanatorium (form No. 70/a-04 "certificate for obtaining the permit"). Wait for the decision of the medical Commission to send you on aftercare. If the decision is positive, the Commission will prepare for you all necessary documents for the stay in the sanatorium. Under the direction of the sanatorium don't need to vacation on the aftercare, because in this period, which lasts 21 days, you will be given sick leave.