Thus, the main and most important document which will have all the necessary data and information is a sanatorium-resort card or a special extract from the medical history, which leads directly to the therapist. Proceeding from these data and assigned to treatment and health treatment. At the same time, if you are not able to issue a card in advance, some motels can make her literally on the spot, taking all the necessary tests, but, as a rule, such a service would be expensive because of the urgency and need.
Looks like this document? This medical paper is commonly issued in accordance with the model adopted by the Ministry of health. It is usually the final signing commits the attending physician. But, besides it, also mandatory are the following "instance": another doctor who monitors your specified illness (e.g., cardiologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist or a dermatologist), the procedure is fluoroscopy, mandatory ECG, General blood analysis, urinalysis, a gynecologist at women.
If necessary, a physician can prescribe and the passage of other specialized tests to the sanatorium staff had more complete data on the available for his client's illnesses. After the final signature of the attending physician of the sanatorium-resort card according to the adopted by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation norms must also be certified by the head of the clinic or the chair of the clinical expert Committee.
So, the total list for admission to the sanatorium of documents as follows – civil internal passport or birth certificate of the child, vacation packages, certified therapist resort map or an extract from the medical history of the person and that is highly recommended, the insurance policy drafted by the insurance company.
In that case, if you want to go on vacation and simultaneous treatment in the sanatorium with the child, you need to make two sanatorium-resort card. And the last word in the second document remains behind as a pediatrician, which will complement its certificate of immunized and epidokruzhenii your child. Moreover, it is worth to know and remember that the latter has a very limited duration – only three days, so it is necessary to take almost all shipping to the resort.