Contact children's clinic at the place of residence. The district doctor-the pediatrician should provide you with information on how to obtain the permit in sanatorium through the facility. Pay attention to the last minute - they can often be purchased much cheaper. In the presence of vouchers, the doctor will help you to issue a sanatorium card, which will have full information on the health status of the child and recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation.
If the child was recently discharged from the hospital, consult with a specialist who treated him. He might be able to recommend to you a sanatorium with a suitable regime to restore the health of your child.
Contact a Union in your workplace. If the organization has an active social policy, you will be able to offer some options for children's activities, including the sanatorium. Usually when this provision of directions through the Union, you can save on the payment vouchers, as its price will be below market.
Come to the centre for social protection at the place of your residence or to the social insurance Fund, if you have any rights to benefits. For example, free of charge or with partial compensation of the state vouchers are available to children from needy or large families as well as children with disabilities. Last, in some cases, are also entitled to maintenance for no additional charge one of the parents.
Find the resort on your own. However, in this case, you will still need to contact the children's clinic for better medical card requirements of the sanatorium. In addition to direct children to places of rest and recovery, you can find the version of the joint stay of the child and the parent. This is particularly useful if the Spa treatment needs a very little child.