You will need
  • - medical certificate;
  • - military ID;
  • - selling the ticket;
  • - money to pay the vouchers;
  • - the passport.
Get a medical certificate, in which information your health and the need for and absence of contraindications for sanatorium treatment. This document can be obtained at your clinic from a General practitioner.
Please contact the organization that is engaged in providing the military with leisure and health facilities for the Department of sanatorium ensure the defense Ministry of Russia. The coordinates of this organization in your area you can learn in your military unit.
Coming personally to the Department, make there sample application for the permit. You can also request directions to a sanatorium for his wife and children - the law gives you that right. Pass the statement and medical certificate of the employees of the organization.
If your application is approved, you will receive Department decision on the issuance of the permit. You will need to transfer to the sanatorium, which you identified as a place of rest. Along with this paper you will need to provide, except medical certificate, military ID card and leave pass. If you are a military retiree, it will also show the pension certificate. Wives and children of the military must bring documents confirming their kinship - marriage certificate or birth, and, in the presence of any disease, test results or document on disability. If you treat the civilian employees of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, you will also need an insurance policy.
After submission of all documents get in the sanatorium voucher for treatment and rest. You will be able to use it in that period that would have specified. Pay the price. It depends on the time of year you choose to stay, type of resort and accommodation. Price can range from two to twenty thousand rubles for two or three weeks of rest.