To develop my sense of humor, you should, first of all, to constantly expand your horizons, in process of forces and possibilities. Please note: if there are any you have a ritual of reading the same books and publications, movies, TV shows, and online pages to the same orientation. At least start with the collection of information relating to relations in your family, parenting, work, Hobbies, friends.
Meet in the social networks not only with people who share your Hobbies and point of view, but also enemies of your way of life. Try in conversation with the antagonists and in the comments to their posts not to use common phrases and not come up with them insulting nicknames. Satire should be not with fists but with brains. Find your virtual buddies are the features that can cause Association with the famous literary characters, or movie characters. This for the first time will be enough.
Try to notice the idiosyncrasies and nuances of behavior and real people don't talk about it directly. If the virtual world is very easy to hide behind a nickname or even to exit a screen then in real it is possible to encounter a lack of understanding, especially if you barely know this man. Listen to him, try to assess first his sense of humor before the show their own. And don't get personal as long as you established warm friendly relations. And in this case, the joke should be kind, aimed not at the physical or external circumstances, and on the behavior or character of the person.
Before you make a joke, always count to 10 (or even 5), even if it will lose the relevance of the joke. The real humor is only more valuable with time 5 seconds have passed after the appearance of jokes or 5 centuries.
Do not focus on the idea that humanity was interested in and only interested in the humor "below the belt". On the one hand, it is true, because in jokes reflected ancient ideas about the world in General and man in particular. On the other hand, mankind since the stone age gained a considerable number of other jokes (although having the same mystical Foundation). Read the works of Vladimir Propp, Mikhail Bakhtin, O. Freidenberg, A. Panchenko (many texts on laughter culture, can be found on the Internet) and see how well over the centuries mankind has learned to mask his attraction to animal reproduction code, and to be able to disguise it in a good joke to pass for an intellectual with a deep sense of humor.