Can I learn to laugh beautiful? Of course. But first you need to understand that the most beautiful laughter and smile is genuine. No need to squeeze them out, to build happy faces, otherwise it will have the opposite effect to the interlocutor. Also it is not necessary to assess each told a joke to impress a supposedly "fun" girls. Your positive mood will not remain unnoticed, however, can hardly be taken seriously in the future.
Men don't particularly like it when a girl laughs very loudly or emotionally, complementing it all sharp gestures and facial expressions. If you have got used to such expression of emotion, leave it only for the company of girlfriends.
How to understand how your laugh is attractive and beautiful, because often people have no idea how they look from the outside. You can look at yourself, making the recording with a video camera. However, in this case, you need to forget your tricks, otherwise all your actions will be sham and unnatural. After viewing the records you need to make an assessment: do you want to change your style to laugh or not. In the first case, start training.
If you have no idea how to improve, take for example any laughter of your friend or, if not, the world of celebrity. And so, time and again, honing skills in front of a mirror, you will become more attractive and charming to Express their positive emotions.
In yoga there are special complexes of studying designed to teach people how to laugh beautiful and useful for health. The technique is as follows: when the pronunciation of the sound "Ho-Ho" must learn to extract it from the stomach, "ha-ha" from the chest, and "hee-hee" has to come from the location of the third eye - mid forehead.
Beautiful women's laughter may be accompanied by widely open mouth, he flips his head back, slapping the body of the interlocutor.
If you are happy about something, it will be better to stretch lips in a smile, and then laugh.
Learn to control yourself and various sounds which should not participate in the pleasant laughter pohryukivaniya, saliva spatter, snorting.
There are situations in life when in no event it is impossible to show positive emotions and laughter and pushing from you. In this case take on a different theme: think about the problems, step back into memories, pinch yourself in the end. After all, inappropriate laughter also characterizes the identity of the person, and not with the good side.
Also important, what are you laughing at. After a colleague told a joke and the next life-the mistake of the other – very different things. So be careful and how stupid it may sound, think, laugh. Renew your life with positive emotions, but with intelligence and in moderation!