To be funny, you need to have a supply of fresh anecdotes for all occasions. About blondes and students about motorists. But there is a caveat – a sense of humor at all people different, and what you may be funny, another will not cause the slightest smile.
Your speech was funny, you use words, especially distorting their meaning. Or to use language in unusual forms of words, or even invent a funny neologisms. But don't get too attached, not to impress infantile and illiterate person.
You can play voice, telling another joke or a real funny story. For this you need to practice at home in front of a mirror to see what impression you make on others.
In order to speak in a high voice, use helium, it gives the opportunity for six seconds to change the tone drastically. Sulphur hexafluoride, on the contrary, lowers the voice, and it becomes not that brutal, and literally demonic. The preferred gas to fill the balloon a little and to breathe through the mouth. The voice will change immediately, but to abuse this trick still not worth it.
Verbal Aikido is also a great way to make your speech original, colorful and funny. There is nothing more boring than to ask the same questions every day and to hear them one and the same monosyllabic answers, with the horror of knowing that you and your partner terribly boring to observe the verbal ceremony, but without them not to manage. To pesky and overly curious person was speechless and never touched on touchy subjects, you need to be able to improvise. For example, the question: "are You married?" easy to answer "Temporarily.