To the perfect relationship did not seem a utopia, you need to follow the rules, helping to establish bad relations.

  • Bad to hear and good to remember.

If you do not focus on the details, to implement this recommendation will not be easy. Incorrectly hung the towel or time washed the Cup should not be a cause of conflict. Of such trifles grow a mountain of misunderstandings that are difficult to overcome.

  • Each other should be trusted.

A happy relationship is based on trust. Sometimes spouses forget about the personal space of each other. So start to check the mobile phone memory or to read the correspondence in social networks.

If the mistrust is justified, clandestine activities nor lead to nothing. Straight talk is much more effective. Sometimes that spouse has a virtual other to flirt with. In this case, it should be understood that the problem arose out of nowhere. It is a signal that the relationship is lacking romance.

  • The ability to forgive is an important component of a happy relationship.

To truly forgive, not everyone can. Whatever happens in the family, you need to remember about the consequences. If the goal of resentment is not separation – forgiveness is inevitable, because the guilty party wants to get rid of the guilt in any way, and often not in favor of the family.

  • Common passion – the road to relationship renewal.

To become closer, it is possible to find a common activity or hobby. This can be a morning Bicycle rides, or skydiving. Dancing, drawing, master class in the culinary arts bring together and make communication interesting.

  • Need to sleep in the same bed.

Over time, the couple grow apart from each other. Emotional intimacy is lost immediately. One of the signs that the relationship needs to be revived is falling asleep in different beds.

A tender embrace at the end of the day is much more important than sex. Families in which understand the need to sleep together are considered to be stable and happy.

  • You need to put up immediately after the fight.

Grievances cannot be left "for later". Before the morning comes, we need to make peace. As practice shows, at the expiration of time to ask for forgiveness more difficult. The main thing – peace in the family, which is achieved through compromise and understanding.