Advice 1: How to become a cheerful, sociable person

Gay people go through life with a smile, they all work, they can easily make new contacts and get results. People with a sense of humor will never sit on the sidelines and will be in the thick of things. And become the kind of person everyone can.
How to become a cheerful, sociable person
Modest and closed person is difficult to immediately become the soul of the company, but constant training will yield results. You should start with expanding one's circle of acquaintances. When friends will call for a party, do not give up, because skills can only be acquired through personal contacts. Visit clubs, and various lectures and seminars, they are very easy to find interlocutors.
Be positive, smile. Moody people are not interesting, but the brightness and optimism attracts the attention. Learn to be nice. To work out this is in front of the mirror to get a not a grimace, but a real joy. To simplify the task, remember something very pleasant, and this will add sincerity to your smile. And try not to lose this as each day arrives it more and more, and then it will become part of your life.
Start reading. Many and different. The book significantly broadens the mind of a man can communicate on various topics. In addition, there is the vocabulary. If every day to take a few minutes to books, in a year you'll be talking a lot more interesting, can hold a conversation in various circles. Choose texts that you enjoy yourself, read about what is interesting. And others need that too, they will be happy to speak with you. But it's best not to simply retell what they read, and to have their point of view, making her stop.
Think of a few phrases that will help in communication. For example, it is taught to communicate in a cold market, when to offer accounts to strangers. These phrases tie the dialogue, allow you to catch the eyes of men, to interest him. There is no standard expressions, they will each their own, depending on the sphere of communication. Each of them is to rehearse in front of a mirror, so it looked very natural.
Cheerful and sociable man knows how to tell a funny story or anecdote. Find several options that will appeal to. Learn them first, and tell the closest. It is important to consider the intonation, and sometimes gestures. May at first funny and fail, but with experience it will come. Add in his piggy Bank one joke a week and in a year you will be a very cheerful person with whom it is simply impossible to miss.
Surprisingly, sociable people often refer to those who know how to listen. There are people who just need to talk. And in such company it would be appropriate just to be silent and to ask leading questions. This type of behavior is very useful, and if it is successful, you will be the best source. The combination of optimism and ability to listen is very appreciated in modern society.

Advice 2 : How to become a pleasant companion: tips

Everyone has to be constantly surrounded by people, sometimes strangers. Correctly conduct a dialogue, the art, which should have everything. Here are some ideas for those who want to become a pleasant interlocutor.
How to become a pleasant companion: tips

1. During the conversation, you need to look in the eyes. Eye contact is a sign that you are interested in a dialogue and you support the interlocutor.

2. A relaxed smile will allow you to feel positive location to the conversation.

3. You need to keep the conversation going and never to Express your not interested in the topic openly. You cannot allow the speech of your interlocutor have turned into a monologue. During a conversation it is advisable to be polite.

4. It is not recommended to speak in exalted tones. Too quiet is also advisable not to respond.

5. In dialogue it is necessary to exclude a lie. Everything always falls into place. There is a saying that there is nothing hidden that will sooner or later become manifest.

6. To emphasize respect for the interlocutor, using as many positive words – another tip is intended to help the person become a pleasant interlocutor. You need to call the interlocutor by name. Personal treatment more acceptable for a person on a psychological level.

7. It is advisable to listen to the interlocutor up to the end. It is not necessary to kill, his opinion is necessary to make only after completion of the speech of the interlocutor.

8. It is not necessary to be too categorical to assert that source is wrong. The dialogue can take place two points of view.

9. Boasting should not be in dialogue, because this trait is always perceived negatively.

Be perfect and pleasant in conversation is not difficult. The main thing is to just be yourself and don't forget to be polite.

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