That sense of humor and as it happens, we will discuss in this article.

The "varieties" of humor

Humor, as you know, sometimes black, sometimes of good and evil, is thin, shiny and coarse. The manner of joking has long been judged on education, and not in vain: a heavy clumsy jokes were typical for the commoners and elite were joking is always more elegant, thus demonstrating his education and noble birth.

Today, when in that sense of class distinction rather blurred, we can say that crude humor and jokes are appreciated more than people are cheerful, eager to laugh, often unwilling to think "steam". The jokes are the same "quirk" I appreciate aesthetes, people who want to impress and those who like to demonstrate their superiority.

The purpose of the joke

Always joking about something or over someone. Often a joke is a way of talking about a terrible and difficult things without unnecessary pathos, no wonder so popular are jokes, jokes and various funny sayings on the topic of the day on social issues. The so-called banter when he doesn't cross the "offensive" boundary is also a joke. It should be noted that often jokers, laughing at the surrounding reality, in fact, over a joke. Is this your way to tell the world about his point of view, and often about its existence.

The above mentioned irony, skepticism and cynicism are the perfect cover-up for insecurity, fear, frustration. This is not necessarily humor, but often causes listeners of the speaker and smile. It is, rather, an attempt to hide the seriousness of the problems under discussion.

Jokers: what are they?

Laughter, of course, prolongs life, and there are a large number of people who just like to laugh. Besides, the Joker is almost always duschoy of the company and the center of attention, which can not flatter a person.

The danger lies in the fact that sometimes good sense of humor, motivated by a desire to be more and more popular in your circle of friends, gradually becoming a clown. From this image then it is very difficult to get, almost as difficult as to hold in a similar way human attention. "Clowns" are in the majority hostage to its popularity and often unhappy people, suffering from loneliness.