It seems that the person who is smiling and radiates joy, everything in life is going great. It is not so. Just the human condition tends to get worse. That is, if you fell into depression and anguish, then it will only get worse if you do nothing to remedy the situation. And with joy and gladness - trouble will go away if you leave them and turn on a funny Comedy.
Not constantly spin everything bad happened. If you are rude to a passerby, sure, as if you were not hurt. Think, is it worth the incident to be angry and spoil the mood? Remember a funny cat who tries to catch a sun Bunny, funny kids in the sandbox, but you never know joy in life?
Getting out of bed in the morning, ran up to the mirror and shout: "Everything is great! I have a beautiful day!". Remember that thoughts are material, think about the good. Imagine mentally your dream, detail imagination, then it will be more real. Your lips formed themselves into a smile.
A smiling person is always a beautiful and cheerful people attract good luck. Rejoice in the small things and remember the funny episodes of life to share with others and loved ones. Spread laughter and joy around me.
The muscles of the face that make you smile, stimulate the brain areas that are responsible for the feeling of happiness. Learn to see failure in a positive side. For example, if you did not buy fashionable boots on sale, you have time to think, and whether you need them at all. If you did not get the promotion, you have the chance to improve and get a better paying job than the one you gave.
Watch comedies and funny transmission, you will have a lot more cause for laughter and smiles. If you are sad, read the anecdotes, the Blues will go away like magic.
Learn to be funny from a friend-Joker. Adopt his mannerisms and Outlook on life. Arrange holidays for no reason, call guests and get the party started! Party guests can buy products that give the feeling of happiness. Deal with it: chocolate (endorphins), fatty saltwater fish (omega-3), broccoli (folic acid) and milk (serotonin). With this set you will definitely be a fun couple of hours.
Be cheerful always and in spite of everything.