If you want to Shine in intellectual circles, then you need to expand your horizons, read more books and literature, learn from the best. Read recognized wits: George Bernard Shaw, the master of short and succinct wording, Woodhouse Chesterton and Mark TWAIN. From Russian writers unsurpassed in their wit, Zoshchenko, Ilf and Petrov, Dovlatov and Garik Guberman.
Wit is usually terse and precise. The most important thing in a witty statement is a surprise as in a good joke. For example, Dovlatov, one character says: "Back home last night, I look – in the dirt children play. I looked closer – my".
Here's another factor wit – do not be afraid to be ironic in relation to himself. One who is constantly joking only over the other, can be considered evil wit. He who knows how to laugh at himself, always causes a bigger location (and the desire to listen to its severity).
If you want to develop your wits as you try to see the similarity of the phenomena, which is not evident. Comparison of the seemingly incomparable always funny. Learn to find succinct metaphors and images. Avoid the usual comparisons, because cuteness is always a denial of the stamps. Look for new words and associations. Mixing low and high, bureaucratic language of love words are laughable and underscores the absurdity of the situation.
Don't be afraid to bring a phrase or a concept to the absurd, this will enhance the impact of the comparison. As a caricature, the wit can use hyperbole, i.e. exaggeration. And do not rely on spontaneous improvisation. Famous wags say that a good improvisation must always be well prepared. Earn your secret Arsenal of phrases, comparisons and jokes, to flash them in conversation.