An important condition for ironic utterances is the rate of reaction. Many people tend to find a decent answer with a substantial delay, when the source changed the direction of the conversation. Psychologists advise to do active sports to increase reaction speed.

Attention to detail

Pay attention to minor details and facts, not only on the essence of the conversation. They sometimes contain inaccuracies and reservations on which to focus. Develop the ability to cling to the incorrect phrase. Smart-ass answers and puns can be born playing on the meaning of the words.

Pay attention to the overall logic of his companion. Two conflicting statements combine in one belief, which is ridiculous for lack of causation. For example, a friend complained to health, and before I tell you about the movie. Make a conclusion that the cause of the illness from a friend because of the tendency to watch horror at night.

Game communication

The basic principle of humor is that the interaction with a partner occurs in the form of the game. Initially tune to a frivolous attitude and try to beat the source. Deliberately exaggerate the event or on the contrary, underestimate. Change the value of what was said by repeating the sentence, changing the main focus. The question was whether the friend is married, in fact he was not married at all.

Use facial expressions and theatrical gestures to make the statement more explicitly. Examine parodies of famous people. They say comedians are characteristic personality traits through the repeated usage of exaggeration to create vivid and funny images.

The distortion of reality

Attach the evidence to the contrary importance. With irony the speaker can give the opposite assessment of reality. For example, in a rainy windy day it can be noted that I love this wonderful weather.

Watch how ingenuousness children comment on adult conversations. Use naive perception and overly serious tone. Try hidden subtext to be taken literally. Comment on rhetorical phrases that are not supposed to answer. For example, thinking aloud about the absence of happiness in his personal life meant more to yourself, do not leave without attention, and give examples of happy people.

Use well-known jokes or funny sayings, to assess a specific person or situation. Comments on the incorrect answer with a smile that you also have a high opinion of the interlocutor, and also have a nice day.