Read more fiction, watch documentaries and Comedy shows, broaden your horizons and vocabulary. Sarcasm stupid people – not sarcasm, and pathetic attempt to attract attention, always ending in failure. You yourself noticed that the jokes minded people are neglubokaja, vulgarity and boredom.
Sarcasm should be used with caution, otherwise it will cause only confusion and rejection of others. Friends will start to avoid you due to fear of being "stung" for nothing. And someone will start to hate you. To a master of sarcasm, you need to start to train my sense of humor. After all, people who give a poisonous phrase, criticize without humor, seem vile, repel and irritate.
Become original and fun. Do not repeat. Subtle detail is always etched in my memory for a long time. There is no need again to go back to his joke, if it caused a strong positive reaction.
Keep calm and equanimity. A sarcastic statement made with absolutely deep and serious expression, can be very effective. Speak ridiculous things as if you were a television announcer, not IR, not suppressing giggles, clearly stating its sharp point.
Don't abuse their talent. If sarcasm abounds constantly in your speech, chances are your interlocutors rapidly will decrease. Stay good-natured in their mockery, and people will feel comfortable and have fun with you.
Make sure your your partner realizes that you speak seriously. Be creative in your approach. Use your body language. Follow the rule: never say "just kidding!", detect your sarcasm either a smile or a grimace, or a wink.
Use sarcasm to the place and time. Caustic statement, it is easy to hurt a loved one, to alienate your best friend, to hurt the parents, to withdraw from the head. Smart people a very long time remember your statements, especially if they are close to the truth. Dial a mouthful of water per minute, when to remain silent.