There is a whole system of studying that allows people to learn how to laugh and thus get rid of many ailments. For example, in yoga there is a move called Haasya Yoga. The gist of it is breathing exercises that you do, uttering the famous "Ho-Ho", "ha-ha" and "hee-hee". Thus, the stimulation of laughter.
If you are not able to do yoga with a personal trainer, then try to say those magical sounds. The secret is that "Ho-Ho" we need to speak from the stomach area, "ha ha" from the chest and from the heart, and "hee-hee" - from where Eastern philosophy is not yet open third eye, that is – from the middle of the forehead.
In order to mourn, there is always a reason, and it pushes all the reasons to laugh. And it should be the opposite. And if you feel negative emotion the load deposited inside, stop and stretch your lips into a smile.
Yes, it first may look silly from the outside, but you will feel like a dark cloud inside dissipates, and you are calm again. The more you positive, the easier it is to trigger your laughter, as he will face multiple obstacles.
Develop your sense of humor and try to apply it to any situation. Often, after bitter tears women laugh, so why not start laughing immediately. Laughter is sobering and helps to find more correct decision. Therefore podatocite how to own sharp mind and learn to perceive the world not so serious.
Shake off all the fears that are hidden deep inside. They not only prevented to penetrate the laughter, but also exacerbate any minor situation. For example, if you are afraid of doctors, any illness will cause you panic. But people are deprived of this feeling and perceiving everything that happens with humor, can laugh at the temporary position, in which they fell. Even if you have a broken leg, be confident laugh you will only hasten her recovery.
Use comedies Comedy shows with your favorite artists, go to the circus or for rides. You learn to laugh immediately, because professional actors are forced to hold tummies even avid gloomy pessimists.
Sport raises the General tone, evens the breath, and heals human emotions. Remember what a good mood is after two hours of skating, even when numerous drops make genuinely laugh.
Daily train your laughter regardless of whether there is reason or not. Just stand in front of the mirror or remember something funny, and at this moment a smile to appear by itself. And then just start to laugh, laugh, even if you first have to make the effort. Later you will feel a pleasant tickling in the chest area, it's a sign that you're doing it. Every day for 15 minutes of such exercises, and soon your infectious laughter will envy.