You will need
  • Mirror, candles, red lipstick, a container of water.
In the esoteric the best guide to other dimensions is considered to be the water or the mirror, so to call diamonds ladies should use one of these items. Each of them is associated with certain techniques of conducting rituals.
Ritual with the mirror
Provide complete privacy and seclusion. The room should be only one inquiring. At midnight turn off the lights and light a Church candle.Three times to draw her around him. This action - reliable protection in case of unexpected behavior of the guest. Candle flame forms an impenetrable armor for the forces of the underworld. They will not be able to cause you any harm.
Stand in front of mirror. Using red lipstick or paint of the same color, draw a spiral staircase with a door. In the image it must be open. From there will come the one you need. Clearly and confidently repeat her name.
Don't take your eyes off the mirror. Focus your attention on the depicted door. When you understand that lady was, ask her a question. After receiving a response, which may be given in various forms, immediately wipe the image on the mirror. Sprinkle it with Holy water and blow out the candle.

The rite of water
In the middle of the room will set any container for liquid. Around it place the 13 candles. Light them after midnight. Capacity fill to the brim with water. Extinguish the light. The index finger will draw in water 3 eights, while calling on you to come to Queen of diamonds. As protection, you can use your wedding ring or a piece of birch bark. Put them in the right hand and not let go until the end of the ritual.

When the phenomenon happens, ask a question you. If the response is received, hit his fist on the water. So you drive out an otherworldly force. All materials used in this ceremony, the house is more can not be stored.