You will need
  • 1. A white sheet, a black square.
  • 2. Mirror, red lipstick, a card with a picture of Queen of spades, candle.
  • 3. Glass, water, a piece of black bread.
Hang on the wall with a white sheet, and in the middle of it, attach a black square, made of paper or fabric. Turn off the lights and say the spell three times: "the Black Queen, come and grant our desires". You will see that the Queen of spades appeared inside the black square and closer to you. At this time, make your wishes. When the Queen of spades to get closer to you close, as fast as you can say: "the Black Queen, go away!" If you do not have time to speak these words to the end, she will certainly suffocate.
Draw red lipstick on the full width of the mirror staircase. Put next to him a map depicting the Queen of spades, light a candle and turn the lights off. Then say: "the Queen of spades, come!". And wait in horror.

When you see that little figure ladies down the stairs down, quickly wash the steps on the mirror and break the map! Otherwise it will come out of the mirror and kill you.
Pour in a glass of water, on top of which put a piece of black bread. Place a glass under the bed at night the person to whom you want to call the Queen of spades, and watch near the front door so you can escape.

When the glass will turn a light blue color – lady came. Please go away and lock the door, leaving the Queen of spades to an accident. In the morning you will find that the water in the glass you drink half, and bread is not enough exactly the same.

That man left in the room, you will see that he is clearly not himself... death in a third method, call the Queen of spades not happen, but who knows what she might come up with?..