You will need
  • - a sheet of drawing paper
  • saucer
  • compass
  • pen
Draw on paper a circle. Its diameter should be in 2-2,5 times the diameter of a saucer. On the outside of the circle write all the letters of the alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9. Determine where you will have the top and bottom. Through the center of the circle draw a straight. Upstairs, write the word "Yes" and the bottom "no".
Letter and numbers should be placed in a circle
Take the saucer and with a Sharpie draw an arrow from the center to the edge.
Wait for midnight. Remove all metal objects that you have. The same should be done by all other participants.
Open the window or the door, otherwise the spirit will not be able to get to you. Turn off all electrical appliances. Light the candles.
Put a sheet of paper on the table. In the center of the circle place a saucer. It must hold over one of the candles. All participants should sit down around the table.
All participants must simultaneously touch the fingertips to the saucer and say, "the Spirit of (name), come!". After some time, the saucer begins to move. Say Hello to spirit and ask whether he intends to communicate with you. The saucer begins to move towards the words "Yes" or "no".
If the spirit agreed to talk to you, start to ask questions. They can touch many different aspects of your life or history. But don't ask the spirit where he is. Some of the spirits answer to this question, but basically don't like him. Periodically interested in, not tired whether your guest.
At the end of the session remember to thank your guest and to say good-bye. After the spirit leaves, invert the plate and gently tap them three times on the table.