You will need
  • composite cable PSP;
  • plugin RemoteJoy;
  • USB cable for connecting consoles to computer
To connect the PSP to the TV , there is a special component cable. It is sold in specialized shops and stores equipment. On one end are five connectors "Tulip" (blue, green, red, white, again red). The other end connects to the PSP.
Select prefix "Setting connected screen" item "Switch video input". You can run your favorite games or videos and enjoy.
If you cannot find a suitable cable, you can use the opportunity to play on the PSP using a conventional monitor with RemoteJoy plugin.
Download the plugin and copy the file RemoteJoyLite.prx in the folder seplugins. Files in the vsh, game, game150, pops, write the line ms0:/SEPLUGINS/RemoteJoyLite.prx.
Go to Recovery Menu of your device and activate all the plugins with the name "RemoteJoyLite".
Connect the USB cable to your PSP and computer. Specify in the installer the driver the path to the folder "LibUSB\driver" and then run RemoteJoyLite_en.exe as a normal Windows application. Press the O key on the PSP and select what you play.
For Windows Vista and Seven install drivers for the PSP will be slightly different. After the system will display the message "Insert the disc that came with your device PSP Type B select the disc no. Show me other options" - "search for drivers on this computer". Click "Browse" and specify the path to the folder with the drivers for Windows. If the system will give the message "cannot verify the publisher of these drivers, select anyway to install this driver".
To take a screenshot, click on the computer keyboard F11. It will appear in the program folder Capture. To enable or disable the display of images on the device display, press F3, and to access the settings menu, press the Esc key. The combination of keys Alt and Enter allows you to enable and disable full-screen mode.F12 records the video game.