Advice 1: How to call a fairy

Fairies – magical creatures, they are the messengers of the Moon Fairies, or, as it is also called the Moon Goddess. It expresses the secret forces of the subconscious that are hidden in each of us. If you respect the Goddess of the moon, you can expect fast success. Ways to call a fairy a lot and everyone has a chance to touch the magic.

How to call a fairy
You will need
  • Three candles;
  • A glass of water.
The ritual invocation of the fairies decided to spend the night after twelve. Curtain all the mirrors in the house (apartment).
Long light the three candles, placing them in a triangle. In the center place a glass of cold water.
Say the phrase: "Fairy come, show" 28 times.
If you see swaying in the water, then the fairy is present in the room and you can tell her your wishes.
If the presence of the sorceress not confirmed, do not worry, because their existence is not yet proven! Try next time to call the spirit!
Do not neglect the stories about fairies, which were described in numerous books. The authenticity of these facts is suspicion, but no denials. Many stories are told about fairies who steal human children. Other examples of good fairies who can fix a broken tool, to find the lost home thing, to ward off unexpected guests.... Still don't let children under 7 years old to read such books, their children's psyche is not yet ready to accept such information.
Useful advice
Fairies do not like noise and a large crowd of people;
Don't forget to curtain the Windows;
Fairies will never come into the house, where they live and dominate cats (they are not friends);
When performing the rite braid hair in a braid (fairies often begin to play with your hair, tangling them);
In the room in which it'll perform the rite, do not leave kitchen appliances, glassware.

Advice 2 : How to call a elf

As legend has it, elves are creatures from another, magical world with immortality and magical powers. It happens that this power, they share with mortals ie humans. Just as they ask about it?
Fairy-tale creatures, elves
For starters, think carefully whether you really want to communicate with these mysterious beings. Remember everything you know about them. Who are the elves? In England they were called "little people" in Ireland – "seeds", in Scandinavia "Alf" in Germany – "dwarfs". This immortal creature, completely alien to people. They are not good and not evil, to others they are indifferent and only in the case if you have an interest. And the consequences of their aid is unpredictable. Remember the legendary Scottish bard Thomas the Rhymer (an ancestor of another great poet Mikhail Lermontov), who, after spending a year as the guest of the elves, returned to their world very old.
So, you've decided to enlist the help of the elves. But just like elf did not cause. They are usually hidden from the eyes of mortals and are only to those who will be of interest to them. So try to interest their potential interlocutors. It is best for this purpose learn the prosody and music of the Celtic bards. This, of course, will take time.
Now is the crucial moment – call the elf. Wait for one of the two most suitable days of the year. These days 1 may, the Holy day of the Celtic holiday "Samhain", and 1 November – day of the feast "Beltain". In these days elves, as well as other spirits and magical creatures, more likely to communicate with people. Best of all, of course, to meet this day in Ireland, England, Wales or in the French province of Brittany – there are still traces of Celtic magic. Pre-select remote from the cities of the place. It should be a hilly plain, preferably with the remnants of ancient pagan buildings. With the coming of darkness hide not to frighten off guests ahead of time, and wait.
At midnight, if you're lucky, you'll hear beautiful singing, and then see the procession of creatures of unearthly beauty. Go to them with a bow and call with your request. Here it would be best if you apply the learned skills of versification. Now everything depends on you.
Useful advice
Never agree to go along with the elves anywhere, of course, if you are not an orphan or did not have time yet to start a family. Will be back soon.

Not to be confused with the real elves dance modern kelemenov wishing to celebrate an ancient holiday.
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