Unknown, what can the good spirits if they are angry. After all, everything has its own limit of patience. So not worth the risk. Adhering to certain guidelines and rules can and heavy special effects to call a good spirit. The first rule of the call of the spirit to determine, which elements include creating, which will cause. Four elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire.
Next you need to take into account that an important role plays the day and time of the call otherworldly creatures. Suitable days are the first, third and penultimate day of the week, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
According to old legends, from midnight until the first singing of the roosters in the white light comes all evil. And here. A séance can be conducted both day and night. But, on the advice of the white wizards, before midnight and after the alleged cry of the first cock, that is hours after four - five in the morning. Otherwise, along with a light spirit in the house and my life you can call a dark spirit. Even if the medium is not aware of the presence of this evil being.
In order to call a good spirit, you need to create a special, intimate atmosphere. Scented sticks burned in the room, will obviously impress the called spirit. In the center of the room, as on the altar, you need to place the attribute element. If the element of Water, a plate, a saucer or glass of water. For the Fire of the spirit the candle is lit. If the element of air, place nothing, of course, is not necessary. And to create Earthen elements suitable vessel with the usual earth or sand.
Clothing participants should not cause aggression or other strong emotions. Anything colored black that is poisonous. And best of all, if the material of the garments will be natural. The more participants, the higher the protection against possible evil that could pass from the afterlife.
On a piece of cardboard of medium size draws a geometrical figure, in which angles as much as the participants. Around the center of the room-"altar" sit the participants and put the right thumb on the corner of the figure. Then, the medium calls the spirit to come. Supernatural entity declares its presence by the sound of his element: the sound of water, howling wind, crackling of twigs in the fire.
After the participants of the session ascertained in the presence of the spirit, the question must be asked whether the spirit to be at this time in this place if he wants to answer questions. If the answer is Yes, then you can ask questions, answer which can either positively or negatively. That is a "Yes" or "no". Through the subconscious of the medium the spirit passes the answers written on a sheet of paper.
After the questions were asked and answers obtained, it is necessary to thank the spirit and ask him to return to the underworld.
As it turns out, there is even the spirit desires. He's like a good gin out of a fairy tale may be the wish of the one who causes it. However, only when he wants. In order to call a good Ghost-Wishmaster, you need to be cotton thread, and thicker ring or the needle and the candle.
If a seance to call the spirit desires is day, then the window should hang thick curtains obscuring the light. First the candle is lit. After that the thread in the ring or the needle. The main thing here is the concentration of the medium on the needle.
You can now call spirit. For this you need to start slowly to shake a kind of a pendulum formed with a needle (ring) and thread. Thus it is necessary to say: "If the spirit desires come, turn the ring (needle) forward or backward. If you do not want to fulfill my desire, push the pendulum to the right or to the left".
List your desires should be only after the medium is satisfied that the spirit desires he wants to fulfill them. And if he answered in the negative, you should politely thank him for the visit and safely.