You will need
  • - courage
  • - candle
  • - the pendulum
  • - silence
Turn off the room light and closes the window. Light a candle.
Prepare the pendulum. This requires a thread and needle (the needle can be replaced with a ring). Insert the needle in the thread and the pendulum is ready!
Take the pendulum in hand and slowly start to shake. At this point, all the energy point on the needle, it will be your guide to the underworld.
Now you need to call the spirit desires to contact. This put him a condition: "If thou be the spirit desires here push the pendulum back and forth, if you don't want to communicate, start the pendulum from right to left".
If a magician came, ask to fulfill your desires, thus make sure that whether he agrees to fulfill them. Just ask the question so that the answer could be "Yes" or "No".