Prepare for the session. One of the easiest ways to communicate is the use of "Ouija boards". This session should involve 2-3 people. Their energy is needed for movement of a saucer or circle with the depicted arrow. Energy one person may not be enough.
You can do the "Ouija Board" yourself. To do this on a sheet of paper, write or type on a computer the numbers from 1 to 0 and the alphabet. Position of letters in the 3-4 range, and the numbers write them in one row. On both sides at the bottom of the sheet write the words "No" and "Yes." Flip the plate and draw an arrow on the bottom. Check whether it slides over the paper. Put the "Board" on the table. On the sides of the "Board" put the candle, the icon and things that will help you focus on the session and the spirit called man.
You and a few people should sit around the "boards" and lightly touch the top of the saucer being called could move the bowl with your hands. Thus say the following words: "We invoke the spirit of (Name) for communication. Spirit, are you there, answer – Yes or no?" or something like that. Cause you should only really once lived people.
If the spirit appears, it will show the arrow to "Yes". If the arrow does not move, can again repeat this action or call someone else. There are cases when in the process of communicating with others who came in spirit may be those who immediately responded. You can find out by asking: "Who and how much perfume is in the room?" List all called. When you call the dead, your words are audible at great distances, and it is in another density. Before you ask your questions, make sure that the visitor wants to talk to you.
Throughout the communication, try not to be afraid and show your superiority to your house in the future turned into a bunch of low spirits. Finish the session with words of gratitude and saucer, knock three times on the "Board."