Like a Genie without a lamp

This ritual helps recharge your positive attitude. Previously, in order to call Gina, used special vessels, where the lure of this spirit, using special spells. Jean was obligated to fulfill the desires of his master to escape from captivity.

However, time does not stand still. Now, to call the Genie, you need to lure. According to unconfirmed reports, at present, Gina became very susceptible to denim, so you can call it with new blue jeans.

Jeans must be blue. Blue or black trousers do not attract spirits. Jeans must be new or a little worn, but not very old.

Here's the bait and need to catch Gina. If you manage to catch him, then he should follow your wishes. The number of desires is completely dependent on the entity that you managed to catch. Sometimes it costs only one desire, and someone for the sake of their freedom and can fulfill multiple orders.

How to catch Gina

Recharge your good mood, put on new blue jeans and say the spell: "Jeans wearing, Gina is calling! I feel joy and radiate heat! I will have fun! Come to me gin and share my joy! I know a lot of fun! Jin, come! Jin, come! Jin, come!"

Now you need to have fun and enjoy. You can maintain your routine, but remember what gene will appear only when you literally radiate happiness. This spirit needs your positive emotions. It is for this that he will come to you to get your energy of merriment. If you will not genuinely have fun, then nothing happens.

Gina you will understand immediately: you suddenly zacheshetsya leg or will there be some a strange tingling sensation in the area of the buttocks. You feel under jeans is some effect on the skin. Gin came, now you need to act quickly to catch him. You need to grab the place that is itching or tingling, and pronounce three times: "Jean! I caught you!"

If your cheerful mood instantly evaporated, it means that you managed to catch Gina. Now it's important under no circumstances not to pull it out. So come one moment when you can safely make a wish. Mentally specify it, only the hand is not open to gin didn't run away. Accord Gin to fulfill your desire you will immediately feel: you start to scratch your palm. Well that's all, only three times to spit on his hand, which you held of Gin and thereby to seal your contract. Gina usually requires a day to fulfill your desire.

If the desire is really fulfilled, now your jeans to be magical. Gina starts to come to you, you will feel the tingling, donning their magical jeans. If it happens again, then again something to think.

Treat Gin with kindness and care. Don't forget them all the time thank.

How does the ritual work

This ritual is very similar to Skoronski (household) magic. You are setting yourself up in a positive way and are fully confident that the Genie will grant your wish.

Everything here is based on boundless belief in success and good mood.

It is known that a person's thoughts and material with proper pitch, all the dreams tend to come true. In the formulation of desires do not use the word "Want", change it to "May".We need to very clearly articulate their desire to gin you are not deceived, as it was in the movie "Wishmaster".