You will need
  • A sheet of paper, a needle and thread in white, pen or pencil, several participants, spark, courage
Take a clean sheet of paper. With the help of a compass or any round object to draw on the sheet a smooth circle. Preferably, more – around twenty cm in diameter.
Inside the circle place all the letters of the alphabet as numerals on the watch dial. Make the space between letters enough to not get confused when dealing with the devil.
Outside the circle the same way, arrange the numbers from one to ten.
At the top write "Yes" and the bottom "no," right – "don't know", left – "can't answer".
In the center of the circle put a dot. Around this point, draw a little devil as you imagine. Thus the devil should have all the attributes – the horns, tail, beard, hooves, etc. Point in the center needs to be the navel of the devil.
Now start the session. Let all present will remove crosses and other metal jewelry. Select the most courageous man who is not afraid to sacrifice a drop of their blood. Blood can be taken from a finger – poke it with a needle. The disinfect needle before doing this, do the same with the wound on the finger.
Blood drip in the exact center of the circle, where the devil is drawn to the navel.
Turn off the light, leave one candle lit. All those involved in the call must sit around a sheet of paper.
Join hands and repeated several times: "Devil-devil come devil-devil, come in." After a while ask: "Yo-yo, you here?". Holding the needle over the thread, drop the e in the center and using the thread let the needle point to the answers. If the needle moved to the side, where you have written "Yes", then the devil has already come to visit you. You can order to ask him a questions he will help you draw letters, numbers and words.
After the session is finished be sure to again join hands and repeat: "Yo-yo go, yo-yo, come out."
And, of course, do not take this seance seriously!