Choose shoes with heels or wedges. Rise of the foot hides a few inches, causing the leg looks more graceful. Prefer a rounded toe tip. Avoid too massive and bright decor on the Shoe in the area of the foot. But the boots may be embellished with bright and catchy is what you need to owners of large size. In winter for the ladies with an impressive stop real salvation is shoes with fur trim, where from under shaggy pile looks just a sock.
Wear clothes that will hide a large foot, for example, flared pants and bright skirts, colored tights - in short, everything that makes the look of your interlocutor to rise above the foot. No less important for a harmonious image and a beautiful gait. Drop the constraint, straighten your back, retract shoulders, go proudly and directly, without lowering the chin and do not slouch. If the nature has awarded you with the high growth, the attention to you and not to your imaginary shortcomings, will be provided.
It should be noted, full girls, are especially prone to edema, are forced to choose shoes one to two sizes larger than the thin people with the same foot length. So getting rid of excess weight, you have a real chance to get a smaller Shoe size and overall more graceful look of the foot. Generally, slender leg (at the ankle, lower leg for a feminine silhouette is far more than dimension marking marked on the sole of your Shoe.