The easiest way to measure the fullness of the legs is a reference to a professional shoemaker. It is flexible millimeter tape measure necessary parameters and in accordance with the current still state standard (it was written in the Soviet Union) will determine the fullness. For this there are special table.
The measuring instruments must be in serious shops selling shoes, so you can refer the matter to the employees of the outlet.
Mlege people do not rely on the figures indicated by the manufacturer on the sole or insole of the Shoe. To know the fullness of your legs, you can do so: go to the Shoe store with a wide selection and try on your leg shoes the right size, but different fullness. The one that is right for you, identify the feelings. And the numbers or letter designations you can look through and remember.
If you want to do measurements themselves, it is also easy. Take a sheet of paper, stand on it and outline your foot with a pencil. Better to do it in the evening, because at this time the leg is a little more (trampled on). Completeness feet should be measured at the widest points at the toe.
Can be done differently: take a centimeter and measure them the girth of the foot at the widest point (shoemakers call it a beam). Then you can type in your Internet browser the words "Table GOST 3927-88" and found the parameters to determine their completeness. On that GOST made 12 different fittings. Women accounted for the smallest girth of the legs is 21cm and the largest is 27.5.
Calculate the fullness of the legs is possible and according to this formula: W = 0.25 B 0,15 C – A, where W is the fullness that you want to define; B – circumference of foot at widest point; With the length of your foot; A – constant coefficient (17 for men and 16 for women; 16,5 – for pre-school children and 13.5 for teenagers).
Keep in mind that the number you get by checking the table or calculate it according to formula, is suitable only for shoes. Other countries have adopted their own symbols. So, in the English system completeness is indicated by the letters A, B, C, D, E and F. But, in addition, nearby you can see also staging completeness - 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A (downward) and 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 6F (upward).
In addition, British manufacturers are able to label shoes and so: F (normal fullness), G (wider leg), N (wide feet with wide bones), N ½ (very wide feet). Sometimes completeness is generally not indicated. This means that the Shoe has a normal fullness.
On the American scale of widths. distinguished designation: – narrow foot, D – standard, E – more than a full foot, HER wide feet.
In Europe there are alphabetic numbering: WWW, WW, W, M, S, SS, SSS. And some Shoe company spetsializiruyutsya on the availability of products only a certain completeness. Therefore you, buying shoes, already can know if it would fit you fullness.