Advice 1: How to reduce the size of the feet

A large foot size can bring a woman a lot of trouble. Some particularly impressionable ladies even dream of surgery. Why would you want to ruin your health? Look closely at those around you ladies how many of you have tiny foot of Cinderella? You can reduce the size of the legs visually. If you try, no one will pay any attention to the size of your feet.
Regularly do pedicure
You will need
  • Shoes high heel with round toe
  • Wide-leg pants
  • Tights in tone shoes
  • The original cut of the skirt
  • Beautiful gait and confidence
Pick up the shoes correctly – this is the main condition visual reduce the size of your feet. There are a few simple women's secrets.

• High heel does a great leg more graceful and small.

• Choose classic rounded noses of shoes, but in any case not pointed!

• White shoes visually extend your leg, and black, on the contrary, diminish it.

• Choosing women with big feet is shoes with different cross decorations: strappy, color vstavochkami and lacing.

• On feet big size nice wedgies.

• Do not wear shoes with lots of jewelry. They will once again attract the attention of others to your foot and can visually increase it.
Pants feet large size must be sufficiently broad and long. A great option is a flared model, which perfectly conceal big feet. This is especially important if you have to wear shoes with flat soles. For example, athletic shoes or sneakers. Gathered elastic bottom knit pants, tapered trousers and jeans – all this is not for you. If you prefer skirts, wear pantyhose strictly in the tone of shoes. Wear elegant and original models of skirts and dresses. In this case, the opinion of others will quickly climb from shoes to clothes.
You learn to walk smoothly ("PAVA"), to tread as lightly and noiselessly. If you widely spread your legs like an ostrich (and loudly stomp your big feet won't go unnoticed. Bound the woman and then glances at his feet and tries to hide them from prying eyes, will achieve the opposite effect. People will start to pay attention to your flaws that no one would notice. So, first of all, get rid of unnecessary complexes.
Useful advice
Rough and cracked feet with the ugly nails will exacerbate the impression of large rough feet. Do not be lazy to do regular pedicures.

Advice 2 : How to reduce the size of the foot

Ladies large size shoes are often complex and even thinking about the plastic foot. But do not worry, reduce the size of the can... visually - without the high costs and dangers to the body.
How to reduce the size of the foot
Choose shoes with heels or wedges. Rise of the foot hides a few inches, causing the leg looks more graceful. Prefer a rounded toe tip. Avoid too massive and bright decor on the Shoe in the area of the foot. But the boots may be embellished with bright and catchy is what you need to owners of large size. In winter for the ladies with an impressive stop real salvation is shoes with fur trim, where from under shaggy pile looks just a sock.
Wear clothes that will hide a large foot, for example, flared pants and bright skirts, colored tights - in short, everything that makes the look of your interlocutor to rise above the foot. No less important for a harmonious image and a beautiful gait. Drop the constraint, straighten your back, retract shoulders, go proudly and directly, without lowering the chin and do not slouch. If the nature has awarded you with the high growth, the attention to you and not to your imaginary shortcomings, will be provided.
It should be noted, full girls, are especially prone to edema, are forced to choose shoes one to two sizes larger than the thin people with the same foot length. So getting rid of excess weight, you have a real chance to get a smaller Shoe size and overall more graceful look of the foot. Generally, slender leg (at the ankle, lower leg for a feminine silhouette is far more than dimension marking marked on the sole of your Shoe.
Those who want to reduce the size of the foot by surgical means, should keep: the foot is an important part of the musculoskeletal system. Intervention in the bones of the foot is a risk that you not only walk in small shoes of your dreams, but can hardly stand up. Not too great a price to pay for a solution to a problem that really lies in the head?
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