You will need
  • - chair;
  • - dumbbell or barbell;
  • - Mat.
Assume the following starting position: sit on the floor, leaning on the right thigh. Put your hands directly in front of you, rest on the floor. This way you will maintain balance while performing the exercises. Bend feet in knees, left knee lift up and pull the toes toward you. Then lower the leg down and relax your muscles, do twenty of these exercises on each side.
Stand and straighten your back, keep your legs together, stretch your arms and rest against the chair back. Now slowly rise up on the toes of the right foot. At the same time the left foot pull back and lift as high as possible. Hold this position for five to ten seconds (standing on the tips of the fingers of the right feet) and descend to the full foot. Do exercise ten times for each leg (each time alternate legs).
Lay a Mat and lie on your back, palms rotate to the floor and put under the buttocks, the legs should be straight. Inhale and simultaneously raise your straight leg, hold for a few seconds above the floor and exhale to lower. Do thirty exercises on each leg. To capitalize on the muscles of the front part of the hips, really need to pull socks and not to relax it until, until you finish the exercise. In no case do not bend the leg at the knee, gradually increase the amplitude of the swings.
Lying on your back, spread your arms and make them stop. Bend your legs, keep knees together. Lower the bent leg to the right, then left, return to starting position. During the exercise the hands and shoulders should be pressed to the floor. Do ten repetitions in each direction.
Straighten your back and stand up straight, spread your legs shoulder width of hips. Blades pinch together, tighten your abdominal muscles. On the inhale, squat so that your knees bend to smooth angle. The pelvis when you do this, pull back as if you're about to sit on a chair behind him. On the exhale, return to starting position. Do exercise ten to fifteen times in three sets. For greater efficiency, use dumbbells or the neck of the bar, which should keep the shoulders behind the head.
The waving of the legs will help to reduce the volume of the thighs. When performing this exercise, do not forget about good rhythmic music and confidence in success that awaits you after reinforced training. Get on your knees, hands rest on the floor. Not until the end straightening the leg, make free swings, while the maximum strain of the gluteal muscles and the muscles of the thighs. Do thirty swings and adjust leg.