Advice 1: How to get rid of pumped muscles in the legs

Strength training can lead to muscle pumping. Most often, these phenomena affected feet. To restore the muscle will help stretch. Do it daily and after workouts you will get rid of the pain and form a beautiful relief of the leg muscles.
Stretching get rid of the pumped leg muscles
Often people who start with fitness classes, trying to make up for lost time as quickly as possible to pump up atrofirovany muscles. From the very first workout you'll need to do some stretching.

Stretching exercises back thighs

Stand with your feet place your hands lower along the body. Exhaling, tilt your body to your hips, palms place on the legs, the chest reach forward. Feel the stretch on the calves and thighs. Hold this position for a minute and breathe normally. With an inhalation, rounding your back, slowly lift the body.
During the exercise keep the knees fully extended.

Stand straight, legs spread wide. Exhale, bend the hips. Turn body to the right leg, reach the breast as close as possible to her. Don't hold your breath. After 20 seconds, turn body to the left hip and stretch forward. Next case return to the center, palms down on the floor. Pushing hands from the floor, drag the chest closer to the thighs. On the inhale, slowly straighten up. Exercise will quickly help to get rid of muscle pain.

Stretching exercises front thighs

Go to the wall, right hand down on its surface, the body weight transfer on the right leg, bend left knee, same hand grip the foot. Connect your knees, pull the left heel as close to the buttocks. In this position, wait 1 minute. Then perform the stretch on the right foot.

Get on your knees, hips at the same time, spread at a distance of 40 - 50 cm, hands lower along the body. Slowly sit down buttocks between the heels. Sit in this position for 1 minute. If you feel in a comfortable position, gently tilt the case back and descend back to the floor. Hold the position for 20 seconds. With an inhalation, slowly stand up and then kneel. This exercise will not pump the legs during intense workouts and also contributes to the rapid reduction of unwanted muscle mass.
If after exercise you have a sore lower back, lie back and relax 3 to 4 minutes.

Stretching exercises inner thighs

Sit down, legs spread as wide as possible, toes point on yourself. Exhaling, lean forward, palms down on the floor. Hold the position for at least one minute and breathe normally. On the inhale, slowly straighten up.

Change previous position: legs bend at the knees, feet connect, hips maximally drop to the floor, palms place on the toes. Exhaling, the body will lean forward, pull the chest to the floor, don't hold your breath. Hold this pose for two minutes. With an inhalation, slowly straighten up. This stretching will help you to quickly heal from a nasty muscle pain that occurs when pumping inner thighs.

Stretching exercise outer thighs

Lie on your back, hands spread to the sides. Exhale, bend the knee of the right leg and pull it toward your chest. On the inhale, place your left hand over the knee and roll him to the floor on your left. Hold the position for 2 minutes, breathe calmly. Then exhale, slowly lift your knee off the floor and put your foot to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other leg. Exercise will help to reduce the pumped side muscles of the hips.

Advice 2: How to get rid of stretch marks on legs

The appearance of stretch marks - a phenomenon that can upset any of the fairer sex. Every woman wants to be the owner of smooth toned skin, so you need to know how this can be achieved.
How to get rid of stretch marks on legs
You will need
  • Almond oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil, oil solution of vitamin E, citrus oil, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, milk, plastic film.
Stretch marks on legs are not a disease, it is only a cosmetic defect. But this defect causes a lot of inconveniences and disorders. As the largest organ of the human body - skin depends on nutrition. To fill the shortage of substances that help the skin retain elasticity, you need to include in your diet greens, seafood, fish, vegetables, vegetable oils, nuts. All these foods are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids which have beneficial effects on the skin. You must drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Nothing can moisturize the skin as drinking water.
To get rid of stretch marks on the legs and make them less noticeable, you can use the oils. Beneficial effects on skin, almond oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil. These oils can be used as base oils for making massage blends. This pure base oil should be added a few drops of citrus oil, it is good tightens the skin. You can also add a small amount of oil solutionof vitamin E. and the resulting mixture should be rubbed into the area affected by stretch marks and massage gently.
Also in the fight against stretch marks, you can use homemade body wraps. When wrapping, use cosmetic products containing collagen, cocoa butter, seaweed. Do body wraps better after taking a shower.
Well established chocolate wrap. After you all day will haunt the chocolate flavor, lifting the mood. The skin becomes smooth and elastic. Stretch marks will gradually become less and less visible. To prepare the chocolate wraps purchase cocoa powder without additives and sugar, and cocoa butter, it can be purchased at the pharmacy. So the recipe is: 300 grams of cocoa powder pour into a container. 1 teaspoon cocoa butter dissolve in a small amount of warm milk. Dilute the mixture milk mixture with cocoa powder until the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mask to damp skin of the thighs and belly in a thick layer. Wrap the legs, hips and abdomen with plastic wrap. Take a horizontal position, cover up with a blanket. Wash off the mask can be not less than 20 minutes.
Remember that even though stretch marks on legs and appeared literally overnight, to get rid of them as quickly fail. Only if you do not apply plastic surgery. Start getting rid of stretch marks on legs with an integrated approach. If you use only cosmetics, while eating fatty and starchy food, the result will be. In the process of getting rid of stretch marks on legs the most important thing - the complexity and regularity.
In the presence of allergic reactions should not use citrus oils.
Useful advice
After every shower do massage using oils, the effect will not keep itself waiting.

Advice 3: How to get rid of muscle pain

Did you in the gym, chasing a football with friends, did homework or yard work if the load was not usual, the next day you will feel sore, overworked muscles. The causes of this pain several. It's a microscopic injury to muscle fibers and subsequent swelling of the injured areas, leading to compression of the nerve endings. In addition, in the muscles accumulate lactic acid, which causes the feeling of pain. To get rid of muscle pain will help a few tricks.
How to get rid of muscle pain
Take a couple of days. The body needs time to cope with minor injuries. During this break, use a compression bandage for painful muscles and apply ice. Just keep it for very long to avoid. The cold will ease the pain and prevent swelling. It is not necessary at this time "lying" on the couch. The load on aching muscles should be, but it should be gentle exercise. It will help flush lactic acid from the muscles and provide blood flow.
To get rid of muscle pain, stand under a warm shower, sending a jet of water on the painful muscles or take a hot bath. Try a contrast shower. Relief will come and the sauna. However, a hot tub and sauna can not be taken immediately after training (within 12 hours) and if you have any signs of trauma (swelling or edema). Heat increases blood flow to the muscles of the carrier of nutrients.
Massage aching muscles. During the massage, pressing and massaging the muscles will ache, but you need to stretch, ignoring the pain. Use warming ointment for massage. Massage improves blood circulation in the muscles, and will saturate the muscle tissue with oxygen.
Drink plenty of protein. It is necessary for the recovery and growth of muscle fibers.
Drink plenty of water. Dehydration leads to inflammation of the muscles.
Eat food rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, - fish, avocados and nuts. They will help to neutralize the active radicals and reduce inflammation.
In the case of very severe pain I take thepainmay drugs. Good result show a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They will reduce pain and have anti-inflammatory action.
To prevent the onset of pain, be aware of proper dosing of physical load. Do not overload the muscles immediately. The load should gradually increase with each workout. Warm up the muscles before training, after heating and base load do the stretching.
When pain in the muscles passing more than a week in the absence of intense physical activity will consult a doctor.
Exercises that will remove my leg muscles no. It is impossible to correct the situation and food. Just have to train legs, but to train the upper body. Over time, the body get rid of muscles that are not used. For fast results you'd better not.
Useful advice
- It is theoretically possible, if hard to create a calorie deficit. Failing to get sufficient energy from the outside, the body will consume internal resources and will not with fat but with muscle, as proteins are easier to break down.
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