Often people who start with fitness classes, trying to make up for lost time as quickly as possible to pump up atrofirovany muscles. From the very first workout you'll need to do some stretching.

Stretching exercises back thighs

Stand with your feet place your hands lower along the body. Exhaling, tilt your body to your hips, palms place on the legs, the chest reach forward. Feel the stretch on the calves and thighs. Hold this position for a minute and breathe normally. With an inhalation, rounding your back, slowly lift the body.
During the exercise keep the knees fully extended.

Stand straight, legs spread wide. Exhale, bend the hips. Turn body to the right leg, reach the breast as close as possible to her. Don't hold your breath. After 20 seconds, turn body to the left hip and stretch forward. Next case return to the center, palms down on the floor. Pushing hands from the floor, drag the chest closer to the thighs. On the inhale, slowly straighten up. Exercise will quickly help to get rid of muscle pain.

Stretching exercises front thighs

Go to the wall, right hand down on its surface, the body weight transfer on the right leg, bend left knee, same hand grip the foot. Connect your knees, pull the left heel as close to the buttocks. In this position, wait 1 minute. Then perform the stretch on the right foot.

Get on your knees, hips at the same time, spread at a distance of 40 - 50 cm, hands lower along the body. Slowly sit down buttocks between the heels. Sit in this position for 1 minute. If you feel in a comfortable position, gently tilt the case back and descend back to the floor. Hold the position for 20 seconds. With an inhalation, slowly stand up and then kneel. This exercise will not pump the legs during intense workouts and also contributes to the rapid reduction of unwanted muscle mass.
If after exercise you have a sore lower back, lie back and relax 3 to 4 minutes.

Stretching exercises inner thighs

Sit down, legs spread as wide as possible, toes point on yourself. Exhaling, lean forward, palms down on the floor. Hold the position for at least one minute and breathe normally. On the inhale, slowly straighten up.

Change previous position: legs bend at the knees, feet connect, hips maximally drop to the floor, palms place on the toes. Exhaling, the body will lean forward, pull the chest to the floor, don't hold your breath. Hold this pose for two minutes. With an inhalation, slowly straighten up. This stretching will help you to quickly heal from a nasty muscle pain that occurs when pumping inner thighs.

Stretching exercise outer thighs

Lie on your back, hands spread to the sides. Exhale, bend the knee of the right leg and pull it toward your chest. On the inhale, place your left hand over the knee and roll him to the floor on your left. Hold the position for 2 minutes, breathe calmly. Then exhale, slowly lift your knee off the floor and put your foot to the starting position. Repeat the exercise on the other leg. Exercise will help to reduce the pumped side muscles of the hips.