Buying any thing, it is better to choose it longer and more thoroughly than to do it in a hurry. For this reason, many women prefer to go for new things without men, because they often customize them, resenting such a long shopping process. The shoes bought in haste, may turn out to be more or less legs.
After returning from the store, be sure to measure your shoes. If they really were not very fit, do not panic and do not run immediately to change into a pair of the right size. It is possible to store such shoes can no longer be. Better think about how to fit your foot.
If the shoes were small, try to break them in. To do this, sometimes enough to walk hours in them around the house. Naturally, this applies to leather shoes. The other material is not always possible to stretch.
Pour in the new shoes water immediately after coming from the store and walk so a couple of hours. Leather shoes in this case, it should be posted. You can replace the water with Cologne, but also just tight stuff shoes with crumpled newspaper.
In your house there is a special tool for stretching leather shoes? Use this tool, and soon the shoes will fit you well, and in addition also the most comfortable and loved.
Put each Shoe in a plastic bag with water, and the top wrap one more package and put them in this form for 12 hours in the freezer. The water turned into ice occupies more volume, so the shoes will stretch your it (this applies to leather shoes).
What do you do if your feet, on the contrary, drowned in a Shoe? Women, for example, tend to buy shoes more on size, since the night of their swollen feet and then the sides of the Shoe literally cut on the leg. But it happens that the shoes result in the socks becoming too wide.
Complete anything extra space in the shoes. For example, put in the nose of each of the shoes a little cotton or a piece of batting. You can also use the insoles, putting them one or two more than usual.