Advice 1: How to make shoes less

Towards evening the feet swell slightly, so when trying on footwear you are able to pinpoint the right size. Buying a couple, at home you may find that new shoes or boots is a bit large. What to do in this case?
How to make shoes less
The first thing that comes to mind is to run to the store and replace a few for less. This plan is achievable if you've never worn shoes. Fold the shoes in a box, be sure to grab a check and go for a replacement. If your shoes do not show any defects or signs of wear, the sellers have no problem to change one pair for another. In case of refusal, please refer to the company's management and remind them about consumer protection.
If you for some reason do not fit, try to slightly reduce shoes at home. Soak your shoes in warm water and leave them to dry in the natural temperature. Do not expose wet shoes in bright sun or on heaters. This will cause irreparable damage to the shoes. She skukozhilas, the skin may even crack. Do not try so to soak and dry lacquered shoes. This method is suitable for leather shoes. Just keep in mind that once shoes dry, they must be well lubricated with cream. This will last for some time then the skin will stretch again and you will have to repeat the procedure.
To reduce Shine, you can use different insoles. So winter boots fit high-quality insole is made of sheepskin. Put them on top of those that are in boots and immediately feel like my leg has become much easier. For fall boots like insoles that are offered in the Shoe departments and markets.
In addition, now comes a huge number of special insoles that are placed only under the heel or toe and are secured with Velcro. They lift the leg a few millimeters, creating a sense of size reduction. Your foot does not move inside the shoes do not fall off when walking.
In the boots of a larger size, you can just pry additional warm sock. So it will be not only convenient but also warm in cold weather.

Advice 2: How to make shoes one size larger

Buying shoes in the evening hours, you may find the next day that she is on the small side, but it was meant to be worn during the day. Increase shoes on size is possible, but not worth it to do in the early days - wait, she might, she still posted. But if you can't wait, you can start stretching the material, but do it very carefully otherwise you can damage the new shoes.
How to make shoes one size larger
For stretch marks improvised means unnecessary nothing special. Take warm water and Newspapers, fit and unnecessary rags. Tightly, stuff the shoes with newspaper and wet it with warm water. Now be patient and wait until the shoes dry out. Try them and if you dont like the results, repeat the procedure. The second time the shoes have to stretch, but don't forget to report when repeated the procedure a few Newspapers.
Buy a special tool for stretching shoes. Thoroughly saturate the necessary shoes and wait. To make the stretch you need on the shoes worn on the leg or stuffed with Newspapers. Just to wet stretching is pointless, the result is not obtained. Better apply when you are already shod, but will have a little walk in wet shoes, but there's nothing you can do about it.
Contact Shoe shop. You will increase the size of the Shoe to the right, but sometimes there are surprises, though unpleasant. When it's all done, you may find that the shoes felt a little big, but to hold everything in reverse order are unlikely to succeed. Before you order the shoes increase in size, talk to the cobbler, maybe your shoes are made of such material that he himself a few days socks stretch.

Advice 3: What to do if the corners of the mouth cracked skin

Cracks in the corners of the lips is fairly frequent. This is not only aesthetically pleasing look, but also brings a lot of discomfort. What are the causes of cracks and how to deal with them?
What to do if the corners of the mouth cracked skin

Causes cracking in the corners of the lips

Cracks in the corners of the lips, referred to in the common zaedy, can occur in anyone and at any time of the year. But most often the gentle skin around the mouth splits open in autumn and winter. This is facilitated by the lip-licking in the cold, their chapping.

Crack delicate skin around the mouth may for the following main reasons:

1. Violations of metabolic processes in the body.

2. Diseases of the digestive system.

3. The presence of infections of bacterial nature, or fungal infections.

4. Vitamin deficiency and weak immune system.

5. The lack of iron and zinc in the body.

6. Allergies.

7. Improper use of dental prostheses.

The therapeutic effect should start after determining the causes of cracks. In some cases, the diagnosis can only specialist. In any case, to do nothing in such a situation should not be.

How to deal with cracks in the corners of the lips

If education Zayed associated with chapping lips in the cold, the best means of their prevention and correction is the use of the lip balm hygienic lipstick. Helps to eliminate cracks in the skin in problem areas soaked in herbal infusion pad.
Therapeutic infusions can be applied from celandine, succession, chamomile, sage.

Useful to put on wounds vitamins A, E, in vials and capsules. This should be done 2-3 times a day. Can relieve the discomfort from the cracks in the corners of the lips tea tree oil, rose hips and sea buckthorn.

Very good for zaedy folk prescription treatment mask. From boiled in milk, Apple paste done. This mixture is applied for 30 minutes and at the corners of the lips, and then washed off with warm water.

If you experience cracks in the corners of the mouth is recommended to temporarily limit the use of salty, sour, spicy food. Also, not to bring into the wound an infection it is better not to touch them with your hands.

In infectious or fungal disease that caused the appearance of cracks, it is better to follow certain precautions. It is undesirable to use someone else's makeup, plates and Cutlery. I have to refrain from kissing.
The formation of cracks fungal origin, some folk remedies do not work. Need a special antifungal drugs.

Cracks in the corners of the lips are not considered serious problems. They often occur but are easily treated. The main thing – to take care of the lips, and the sores - find out the reasons of education and to start therapeutic measures.

Advice 4: What to do if the child long does not subside temperature

High temperatures can signal the eruption of the teeth, if the child of chest age, or accompany infectious disease is bacterial or viral in nature. In the latter case, it is necessary not only to bring down the temperature, but also to go to the doctor to get tested for the disease diagnosis.
What to do if the child long does not subside temperature
Every child is unique and may react to temperature in different ways. If the baby maintains the fluidity and cheerful, it is not necessary to apply emergency measures to reduce the temperature. The body to cope with the cause of the problem, furthermore, this condition will contribute to the activation of the immune system. When the temperature persists for weeks, the child is lethargic and has no appetite, you need to act.

How to reduce the temperature independently

Malaise, chills do not delay and wait until the temperature goes down itself. First of all, it is necessary to undress the child and remove the diaper if the baby infants, the body a little cool down and recovery will come faster. You can also dampen with cool water and a diaper cover with her child.

If the fever associated with colds, it is possible to briefly immerse the child in a bath of cold water. Also very effective wiping with a solution of vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:4.
The world Health Organization recommends that to bring down the temperature, if the thermometer shows over 38.5 OS. There is no need to reduce it to values of 36.6 OS, enough to a safe level at 37-37. 5 ° C.

Do not forget also to give antipyretics. For children allowed drugs on the basis of three components: "Ibuprofen", "Nimesulide" and "Paracetamol". The funds, which includes ibuprofen, helps with acute respiratory diseases and will not cause side effects. Paracetamol suitable for young children, and quite crumbs it is better to use candles as suspensions and syrups often cause them to have a gag reflex. Funds on the basis of nimesulide are the most modern and are appointed depending on how much the child weighs.

Additional child care with increased body temperature

At high temperatures, the body loses a lot of fluid, so it's important to drink plenty of liquids. Babies under one year is quite suitable breast milk, older children – warm boiled water with lemon, chamomile tea or broth hips.
When the baby is sick and has a fever, do not feed him by force if he wants to do, because the body needs to fight infection, not to digest food. Instead of protein foods recommended vegetables and cereals.

Should pay attention to cleanliness and airing the rooms where the child is. Wet cleaning should be done twice a day with a solution of vinegar per 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons. During these procedures, the child should move to another room.
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