The first thing that comes to mind is to run to the store and replace a few for less. This plan is achievable if you've never worn shoes. Fold the shoes in a box, be sure to grab a check and go for a replacement. If your shoes do not show any defects or signs of wear, the sellers have no problem to change one pair for another. In case of refusal, please refer to the company's management and remind them about consumer protection.
If you for some reason do not fit, try to slightly reduce shoes at home. Soak your shoes in warm water and leave them to dry in the natural temperature. Do not expose wet shoes in bright sun or on heaters. This will cause irreparable damage to the shoes. She skukozhilas, the skin may even crack. Do not try so to soak and dry lacquered shoes. This method is suitable for leather shoes. Just keep in mind that once shoes dry, they must be well lubricated with cream. This will last for some time then the skin will stretch again and you will have to repeat the procedure.
To reduce Shine, you can use different insoles. So winter boots fit high-quality insole is made of sheepskin. Put them on top of those that are in boots and immediately feel like my leg has become much easier. For fall boots like insoles that are offered in the Shoe departments and markets.
In addition, now comes a huge number of special insoles that are placed only under the heel or toe and are secured with Velcro. They lift the leg a few millimeters, creating a sense of size reduction. Your foot does not move inside the shoes do not fall off when walking.
In the boots of a larger size, you can just pry additional warm sock. So it will be not only convenient but also warm in cold weather.