You will need
  • - Adobe Photoshop;
  • - the original image.
Upload the original image in Adobe Photoshop. Press Ctrl+O or click File menu, select "Open...". Navigate to the directory, highlight the file, hit "Open".
Determine the nature of the transformations, which should be subjected to the body. If you need to change the whole size, go to step six. If you want to reduce only part of the body (e.g., hips, bust), go to step 3.
Activate the Liquify filter. Select the item with the same name in the Filter section of the main menu or press Shift+Ctrl+X. In the dialog box, check Show Image. Click Zoom Tool or press Z, to select a convenient zoom view.
Turn on reduction mode of the image. Click the Pucker Tool. Configure the settings tool, changing the brush size (the Brush Size value), its pressure (Brush Pressure), the intensity of the impact (Brush Rate) and density (Brush Density).
Reduce parts of the body. Click or slide the brush. Control the degree of impact, if necessary, cancelling the changes. When you press the left key of the mouse the image will decrease the faster, the higher the setting Brush Rate.
If you want to reduce the body as a whole, highlight the contour. Use the tools Polygonal Lasso, Magnetic Lasso, or a combination. If necessary, adjust the selection in the quick mask mode.
Transfer body image to a new layer. From the menu, choose Layer, New, Layer via Copy, or press Ctrl+J. Delete the body from the previous layer. Go for it. Hit the Del key or the Edit menu, select Clear.
Reduce the body. Switch to the layer you created in step 7. In the menu, select Edit, Transform, Scale. Click Maintain aspect ratio in the top panel. Drag the corners of the frame changing the image size as needed. Double click inside the frame to apply the changes. Move tool adjust the position of the body.
Switch to the bottom layer. Complete background image region previously occupied by the body. Use the tools Clone Stamp or Patch Tool. If necessary, drain layers, which work was carried out. Switch to the top layer. Press Ctrl+E or select in menu Layer and Merge Down.