If you want to narrow shoes, can use the easiest method (suitable for leather or suede shoes) – water shoes or boots, then dry them in the battery. Shoes in the drying process slightly reduced, you will feel it as soon as I put it. The disadvantage of this method is that after some time your shoes will be stretched again to its original size.
Can stuff socks in closed shoes cotton or any elastic material, such as foam rubber, polyurethane. The number of gaskets define empirically to shoes in the end is sitting firmly on the leg, but her fingertips didn't hurt. They should only lightly rest against the gasket made. Note that wool can in the process of socks to odinetsa, so you have again and again to report to the elastic material.
Good way is to purchase insoles inserts. They are very different: leather, rubber, suede. You can buy them in many Shoe stores. Pick the best pair of insoles that you feel comfortable wearing shoes. To do this, go for the close boots. Along with a full size insoles are often sold polustanke (ie, on the nose and heel of the foot). You can try a combination insole and polustanke. Here only one criterion – your feelings. The feet should not be uncomfortable, especially painful.
In a pinch, you can take shoes to a repair shop and ask them to reduce it. As a rule, the wizard, easily performs such work, and it is relatively inexpensive. But be prepared that then your shoes can be visible traces of repair.