Lifting on socks. Stand straight with feet set shoulder width of the pelvis, the feet should be parallel. Breathe and on the exhale rise up on tiptoe. Repeat this exercise 25-30 times.
Rise on the toes on one foot. Stand up straight, the weight of the body completely put on the right leg and the left lift from the floor, bending it in the knee. Take a deep breath and climb on the toe. For each leg repeat this exercise 15-20 times.
Another upgrade with "bear feet" on your toes directed inwards. Stand up straight, position your feet shoulder width of the pelvis, point the toes inward. Now take a deep breath, take the breath in the socks. Exercise repeat 25-30 times.
This small complex of exercises should be repeated twice a day. But to reduce calves for a couple of inches using these exercises can only be at least six months. To reduce this period of time, you must perform additional exercises.
Sit on a soft rug or Mat on your knees, keep your back straight, place hands in front of him and sit in this position on the floor alternately, on the left, on the right side of the hips. Do as many repetitions.
Stand on a small hill so that your heels hanging. Now, on tiptoe, and stoop. Back hold steady.
To reduce calves will also help them to stretch:
Make one foot a step forward, his hands on the buttocks. Slowly start to bend at the knee of the leg that is ahead. Gradually squat deeper down and forward, stretching at this time the back of the thigh and calf muscles of the legs are in the back. To increase the tension, simply slide your front foot further forward, but it does not put in any case. And one more thing: in this exercise the main weight of the body must always have on foot on the back.