Advice 1: How to reduce muscle

In order to reduce muscle, too, need to try - sorry, make them smaller is a lot harder than the pump. However, the common opinion that the best remedy for massive muscle is the maximum lack of activity is not entirely true - this process requires knowledge of a few simple rules and a little patience. So, let's start.
How to reduce muscle
For example, you have too massive of the calf or thigh, and you want to make muscles more delicate and graceful. What can you do to help? First, the rejection of the exercise of power, excessive straining muscles. For example, try not to ride much on the bike, about half an hour a day would be enough, and the ride is steady, providing the body improved blood circulation and burning of calories. Bike even prohibit many models, as the massive caviar them to anything! Make long walks on foot is to evenly tighten the muscles of the legs. Yoga can be a wonderful tool in the fight against the massive muscles of the legs and hips. Stretching makes the muscles much more graceful and less massive. You can perform these simple stretching exercises and yourself better every day. For example, effective are the usual slow head tilts down to the feet. This exercise is carefully, concentrating on the sensations in tie-rod muscle, controlling your breathing and most relaxing.
If in order to get a slim waist, you swing hard the muscles of the press (both straight and slant), but still can not see results, and what's more, your waist has become even more massive, you should switch to aerobic exercise - such as swimming in the pool or a daily jog in the fresh air. The fact that massive muscles (and especially the oblique muscles of the abdomen) only exacerbate the situation, and to help the muscles can become apparent only aerobic exercise. So to reduce time in the gym to 2 hours a week and go to do any kind of activity outdoors or in the water. After some time you will notice that your waist is gradually becoming slim and graceful, and muscle mass is reduced and serves only to maintain the perfect shape.
To make thin muscle of the arms, shoulders and upper back can also help yoga and regular stretching. If you do swim in the pool - try to switch to water-fitness and not far heats, which generates muscle mass these places. If you have a thin thigh, you should also pay attention to these areas is little strengthen and podkachal them, and having turned their attention to those places you like to visually balance and adjust your figure. Arms and shoulders are among the most difficult to decrease muscle areas, but with a certain persistence, you will notice as you become more elegant.
If you have a diet rich in proteins exclusively and proteins, for workout try the many vegetarian dishes that have a lot of fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins. Proteins designed to build muscle mass, and their consumption is slightly reduced for a certain time.

Advice 2 : How to make your muscles bigger

Good to be great! In order for the biceps, triceps and latissimus dorsi look spectacular, enough to lose a little weight and regularly perform basic exercises with weights. How to be skinny with lack of muscle mass? Going to the gym becomes a daily, the weight increases, and muscles, though raised, could not be more... With this problem you can handle!
To increase muscle mass, increase daily calorie intake.
You will need
  • Protein foods
  • Workout through the day
  • Frequent eating
  • Work with large muscle groups
  • Protein shakes
Not razmenivayas the details!
In order to ensure maximum growth of muscle fiber, overload the major muscle groups. This is especially true if you exercise for a long time, and increase muscle mass to a halt. In the training complex must be thrust, presses, squats, thrust in the slope, dips and bench presses. Do 2 - 3 sets of 8 – 12 reps each. The break between sets is 1 minute.
Not to strive for every day.
In order for muscles grew intensely, between workouts must be a day of rest. Muscle after exercise grow within 48 hours. Moreover, they increase at a time when you rest, not in the period of the voltage.
Vegetarianism is not for you.
To make muscles grow, they need construction material: approximately two grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight per day. A male weighing 78 kg need to consume per day, about 160 grams of protein. The rest of the menu should be divided equally between carbohydrates and fats.
Eat more often.
Too few meals during the day will cause muscle growth to slow. It is better to distribute the calories evenly among six meals, with each meal your body has to get about 20 grams of protein.
Best time for carbs is after a workout.
Dishes such as potatoes, pasta and bananas are better to eat after a workout. These carbohydrate-rich foods increase the insulin level in the blood. In turn, insulin slows the breakdown of muscle protein. This will prevent your body to restore energy reserves at the expense of muscle mass.
Drink protein shakes.
The intake of amino acid-carbohydrate cocktails before a workout allows you to build muscle faster than if you took them after your workout. The fact that during exercise blood actively flows to the muscles and amino acids are better absorbed. For a cocktail you need: 1 teaspoon of protein powder 120 g low-fat yogurt, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 240 gr orange or grape juice.
Ice cream is great!
In ice cream contains a lot of carbohydrate. Eat a serving of cold treats in two hours after a workout, and your muscles will settle more glucose. And it is necessary for the development of muscle tissues.

Advice 3 : How to reduce calf muscles on the legs

Pumped up muscles of the calf often create the problem of choice of footwear. To reduce the volume of this part of the leg is possible through stretching exercises. They need to carry either after a workout or in the evening just before bedtime. This is due to the fact that overworked muscles are greatly reduced and create additional volume. If the muscles to stretch in length, and the total stasis will be reduced.
How to reduce calf muscles on the legs
Stand up straight, hands lower along the body. On inhale raise your arms up, exhale, lower the body down. Knees do not bend, palms put on your Shin or on the floor, pull your chest? to the thighs. After 20 to 40 seconds, transfer the body weight on the toes, not lifting with your heels off the floor, relax your upper body, round the back. Lock position for half a minute. Inhaling through rounded back up.
Legs apart shoulder-width apart. Exhale lower the upper body to the legs, hands on shins. Pull the chest forward, pushing it between my legs. Perform each exercise for 1 minute. Then, transfer the body weight on the left leg, palms also put on the same leg. Pull the chest to the left leg for a minute. Change the leg and repeat the stretch. Put your weight evenly on both feet and lift the body, rounding the back.
Stand straight with feet together, arms along the body. Move forward right leg, tilt your exhale your upper body down, hands put on the floor, both knees straight. Pull the toes of the right foot, and hold the position for 1 minute. On inhale, stand up and make the switch.
Sit on the floor, legs pull in front of the toes of the feet upwards, raise your hands above your head. Exhale, fold at the hip joints in half. Strive breast to the thighs, hands at the same place on the leg or foot. Breathe with your stomach, try to relax your hips, elongate your spine. Hold the pose for 1 minute, then inhale take its original position.
Sit down on hunkers, feet together, pull heels toward the floor, and try their fully lowered to the surface, the palm of your hand put about a foot. With an inhalation, lift your hips up, the knees straighten, the palms continue to keep on the floor. Exhaling, sit down again. Do 10 to 15 lifts.

Advice 4 : How to build muscle in the pool

Training in a pool can bring not only benefit, but also pleasant mood, and a great result. There are a set of exercises aimed at different muscle groups.
How to build muscle in the pool
If you decide to train in the pool, be sure to consult with a specialist. For example, osteochondrosis it is necessary to exclude the exercise on twisting and scoliosis exercise is made individually. In this case the muscle pump in the pool has many positive benefits: warm water makes the movements soft and the load inertia, exerts a massaging action on the joints and spine makes the ligaments more elastic.
Exercises follow at the depth of the chest at a relaxed pace, slowly. Initially, experts recommend to repeat each movement 5 times, gradually increasing to 10-15 times.
To perform this exercise, bend your arms at the elbows, tying them below the bust. Gradually make slopes to the right and to the left 5-6 times. Next, perform a body twisting in different directions. Ensure that the hips remain stationary. Now clasp your hands behind the castle. Gently lift them up. Thus, you will warm up your core group muscles.
Hands spread to the sides, bending at the elbows horizontally. The brushes hold up. Gradually reduce and dilute them in water. Exercise repeat 5-10 times, 3-4 approach. Also for pumping the shoulder muscles, perform a circular movement and arbitrary Mahi in the water in different planes. Hands at the same position at chest level.
For doing exercises on your hips and belly use a prop in the side of the pool. Take a starting position – lying on his back. Hands grasp the side of the pool. Do the exercise bike trying to push movements of the legs your body to the surface. This way, you will achieve the taut buttocks, flat stomach and slim waist. This exercise alternate lifting your legs to your chest, Mahi and circular movements of the legs backward, forward and sideways.

Advice 5 : What muscle develops swimming

Swimming is one of the best ways to give even load on all muscle groups at once, the whole body. With regular practice of swimming perfectly adjusted and balanced figure.
What muscle develops swimming

Swimming and adjusting the figures

In General, swimming is a perfect (and very enjoyable) way to keep the body in shape. However, if you want to gain good muscle relief, one voyage will be enough. Swimmers usually perfectly developed shoulders and arms, but it is the result not only of training in the pool, but also a long additional loads. Sportsmen-swimmers are usually very much do Jogging, exercise in the gym.

By the way, that is why girls hardly worry that excessive swimming can allegedly distort the figure and make it less feminine. Swimming allows you to stay in shape, burn extra calories, improves overall body tone and strengthens the muscle tissue. But it gives a strong muscle growth.

The main muscles working while swimming

During the voyage involve all the flexors and extensors of the forearm. Also work the muscles responsible for flexion and extension of the feet, hips, knees. In addition, developing the muscles of the shoulders (including the rotator cuff, the Delta, large round and small round shoulder muscle), forearms (brachioradialis, biceps and adductors), back (latissimus, trapezius, rhomboid), buttocks, abdominals.


Brass is one of the easiest swimming styles. If you are just beginning to engage in the pool, or just ready for serious physical activity, it should start by the brass.

Brass uniformly develops all muscle groups of the shoulder girdle, including the deltoid muscle, trapezius muscle of the back and triceps. The leg muscles also work evenly.
As a result of swimming style breaststroke is adjusted to the figure and posture, improving breathing.


Swimming the crawl takes a lot more energy and effort than the previous style. It is whiter than difficult to implement and implies a faster rate. To begin it is recommended only after your muscles adapt and get used to the primary load after swimming breaststroke.


While swimming butterfly develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back, chest, hips, thighs, legs and buttocks.

Butterfly is one of the most physically demanding styles. He gives a very serious load on the muscles.
The most difficult in this style is the inconsistent movements of the hands and feet. However, it is this feature that gives the greatest load, allowing you to adjust the shape, burn body fat, to sprain.

Advice 6 : How to remove the spasm of the abdominal muscles

Muscle spasm causes a rather unpleasant sensation, which is accompanied by pain. A muscle spasm occurs suddenly and may not take place for a long time.
Muscle spasms are accompanied by severe pain

Causes of muscle spasms

Muscle spasms occur for a number of reasons. Blame can be stressful, which muscle tissue is always in tension. Cramping is common after trauma, excessive exercise, and with a long presence in the same position, e.g. sitting at a computer. Muscle pain in the area of the peritoneum caused due to weight lifting, overeating, gas, diarrhea, constipation.

Quickly to relieve muscle spasm

Alone to remove the spasm of the abdominal muscles can be one touch in the primary somatosensory cortex. In this case, will increase blood circulation and muscle relax.

If you often have muscle spasms, in this case, the massage. It is best done after taking a warm bath. Massage improves blood circulation, thus stimulates nerve endings and relaxes muscle tissue. To improve the circulation of the douches. You need to alternate hot and cold water, hot dilates blood vessels, cold constricts. Insufficient intake of dietary calcium or its poor absorption contributes to the spasms.
After self-massage to the muscle you should apply heat. Better bottle with warm water, not electric heating pad.

If the spasm of the abdominal muscles are caught off guard, you need to try to relax and stretch the muscle repeatedly. This will help to release lactic acid and to relax muscle tissue. Spasms often occur in cold weather. So sick place to grind, use sesame oil or any massage oil.
Calcium in the human body responsible for muscle relaxation.

Spasms in the region of the peritoneum will be helpful to drink a glass of warm milk. Milk reduces the acidity in the stomach, tense muscle tissue, besides, it contains much-needed calcium.

Medication spasms is assigned only in case of their frequent recurrence, and when there is a disease: diabetes, anemia, low back pain, multiple sclerosis. While prescribed antispasmodic anti-inflammatory drugs: Allergy, Ketonal, Ketorol. For treating spasms in muscle tissues effectively acupuncture and manual therapy.

Make muscle pain can be, but its better to follow preventive measures to harden, less nervous, do not overexert, avoid static loads, quit bad habits, lead a healthy active lifestyle, doing exercises of stretching.

Advice 7 : What group of muscles develops the bike

Cycling is not only fun but also a useful pastime. Not only that, this sport develops stamina and beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, even while it involves a variety of muscle groups.
What group of muscles develops the bike

What muscles are developing during Cycling

The influence on the shape the bike is not in vain is equivalent to run. While riding it develop and strengthen different muscle groups of the lower torso. So, when pedaling a big load on the calf muscles and hamstrings.

No less involved and the major leg muscles located in the thigh - quadriceps and biceps. First located in the upper part of the thigh and developed mainly by lowering the pedals – they work especially good you can feel when climbing uphill. And the second is located in the lower part of the thigh and the load is necessary during the lifting of the pedals.

In addition, during Cycling, well strengthen the gluteal muscles, they work simultaneously with the quads. That's why this sport is especially suited to the fair sex.

Much less strain is placed on the abdominal muscles, but without them in this business still can not do. They are involved mainly during the tilting forward or hold it in a straight position. In fact, and in another case they work in tandem with the back muscles.

Least of all while riding on this transport involves the muscles of the arms. Although riding a mountain bike on rough terrain, they are developing not worse than the muscles of the lower body. However, professional cyclists legs always are more developed compared to the torso.

The bike also put a strain on the iliac muscles, which help to straighten the hips and bend your knees. They are located on either side of the groin. While riding is very important not to damage them, as they are quite vulnerable. That is why it is necessary to reduce load or even to stop the drive, if in this area began in serious pain.

How to sit on the bike while riding

To Cycling benefit, you must do it correctly. Ride this transportation need with relaxed and slightly bent at the elbows with your hands. Brushes should be free to grasp the steering wheel on top, and the wrist does not SAG. Periodically, it is useful to slightly change the position of the hands so they did not flow.

The back should be slightly tilted forward, as in a vertical or horizontal position, she quickly begins to numb and hurt. If you hold the back does not work, then the bike frame may be too long or short. The neck should be a continuation of the back, not tilted forward or tilted. Legs should fully reach the pedals when they are at the bottom.
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