For example, you have too massive of the calf or thigh, and you want to make muscles more delicate and graceful. What can you do to help? First, the rejection of the exercise of power, excessive straining muscles. For example, try not to ride much on the bike, about half an hour a day would be enough, and the ride is steady, providing the body improved blood circulation and burning of calories. Bike even prohibit many models, as the massive caviar them to anything! Make long walks on foot is to evenly tighten the muscles of the legs. Yoga can be a wonderful tool in the fight against the massive muscles of the legs and hips. Stretching makes the muscles much more graceful and less massive. You can perform these simple stretching exercises and yourself better every day. For example, effective are the usual slow head tilts down to the feet. This exercise is carefully, concentrating on the sensations in tie-rod muscle, controlling your breathing and most relaxing.
If in order to get a slim waist, you swing hard the muscles of the press (both straight and slant), but still can not see results, and what's more, your waist has become even more massive, you should switch to aerobic exercise - such as swimming in the pool or a daily jog in the fresh air. The fact that massive muscles (and especially the oblique muscles of the abdomen) only exacerbate the situation, and to help the muscles can become apparent only aerobic exercise. So to reduce time in the gym to 2 hours a week and go to do any kind of activity outdoors or in the water. After some time you will notice that your waist is gradually becoming slim and graceful, and muscle mass is reduced and serves only to maintain the perfect shape.
To make thin muscle of the arms, shoulders and upper back can also help yoga and regular stretching. If you do swim in the pool - try to switch to water-fitness and not far heats, which generates muscle mass these places. If you have a thin thigh, you should also pay attention to these areas is little strengthen and podkachal them, and having turned their attention to those places you like to visually balance and adjust your figure. Arms and shoulders are among the most difficult to decrease muscle areas, but with a certain persistence, you will notice as you become more elegant.
If you have a diet rich in proteins exclusively and proteins, for workout try the many vegetarian dishes that have a lot of fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins. Proteins designed to build muscle mass, and their consumption is slightly reduced for a certain time.