Act in a technical or economic University. To initially be able to work in the Corporation "LUKOIL", you need to understand the industry and the specifics of its work. Without specialized knowledge about the extraction and refining of oil or the economy, access will be closed. Therefore, immediately proceed to the specialty, such as "Oil and gas", "oil" or "oil Refining". Basically, these universities are in the North: In Tyumen, Salym, Surgut and other cities. Learn only "good" or "excellent" in parallel and independently explore the specifics of the company.
Write a resume and make a portfolio. After graduation, begin to collect the necessary documentation. For the employer of "LUKOILand" will be an important absolute all information about you: your academic, professional and scientific achievements. Attach all documents and awards you have received while studying at the University. Write a detailed summary describing your professional skills.
Find out about the currently available vacancies in the company. According to statistics, each year 1000 graduates from all leading technical and economic universities of Russia and abroad come to work in the Corporation "LUKOIL". Therefore, you should understand that you will have a strong competition. Find out how you can submit your application for employment on the website of the company. Send electronically all their documents and resume. If you are not able to qualify for the contest, complete the following step.
Try six months or a year in another company. Find organization middle level in the same circumstances. Arrange in her work to obtain practical professional experience and skills. They will be very useful when working in the "LUKOIL." This Corporation appreciates the practical experience and skills. Also a very strong tool in your job is the knowledge of a foreign language. If you don't know, learn it for this time, at least at a conversational level. It will dramatically increase your chances when applying for a job and foreign training.
Get a good Dating. Of course, the fastest way to employment in "LUKOILe" and any other organization is the device of an acquaintance. During the internship you will have a great chance to make useful professional contacts. Then your chances are almost one hundred percent.
Get interview. As soon as you will be a great asset summary, portfolio, experience in the professional field and the man who can put in a good word, come to an interview. If you did everything correctly, you will be able to get the desired job.