The birth of a child and related preparation require significant financial costs. In addition, a woman for a few months or years falls out of work and can not make a previous contribution to the family budget. And if a married expectant mother can count on a spouse for single mothers this problem is very serious. So women try their best to secure their future financially. Motivating pregnant women to seek work are to make good money before the child's birth to be eligible for monthly payments from the employer. In that case, when you just need money, a lot of options: temporary or seasonal work, network marketing, work from home (copyright, tutoring, Babysitting, transfers, crafts, etc.). Some of the activities you can do after childbirth, in order to help them to attract also other family members. But if a pregnant woman wishes to find a job, and then go on leave for child care, it often gets rejected, although this is prohibited by the Labour code. Such behaviour of employers is not only a reluctance to accept the employee for a short period, and then train the new, but mistaken belief that maternity leave they have to pay out of pocket. In fact, all of the allowance can be reimbursed from the social insurance Fund, of course, provided that the wages at the enterprise are "white" and required deductions are made in a timely manner.To still afford to provide salaries for the period of maternity leave, for a start you can refer to relatives, friends and acquaintances, who can assist in registration for the work under the Labour code. The best options will be government organizations or commercial enterprises that provide employees a full benefits package. Maybe somewhere and find yourself a suitable vacancy, even if not by profession, but at 30 weeks of pregnancy, a woman can go on maternity leave and to legally guaranteed payments.For pregnant women suit quiet, does not require physical effort and nervous tension work. This can be found in the archive, the library, the office, on separate sites of accounting, in kindergarten. The postmaster and operator of the Bank – not the best position for the expectant mother because often require patience and composure required in the smoothing out of conflicts with customers.You can try your luck in the job search and in commercial structures. Most often, especially in the short term, women hide from potential employers his "interesting position", which later turns out to be an unpleasant surprise. In reality, it is better to clarify the situation and discuss it with the employer, outlining its advantages over other candidates for the position. With this approach, the probability of a positive outcome increases. In addition, some specialties allow you to work remotely, so we can discuss the possibility to fulfill responsibilities at home, while on maternity leave. However, being an expert in his field, a pregnant woman can get good jobs in this state. In some cases, such a valuable resource even entice other organizations, providing them with a good wage and all the guarantees. Finally, the expectant mother may apply to the employment center where she can offer work options, and in their absence will put on the account as the unemployed. It is not excluded that a suitable vacancy exists in that way.But the most important thing that should matter to a pregnant woman - it's her baby, so if possible, better to take time off from work and devote himself to the care of the future baby.